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Nathan Radabaugh

COLOMBIA - Industry

Nathan Radabaugh

Business Development Manager, TruSteel


Nathan is the Business Development Manager for TruSteel LLC. Before getting his start in the cannabis industry, his career began in the US Navy where he specialized in combat medicine and served two tours in Iraq. Nathan’s first experience with cannabis provided him relief from PTSD and inspired him to pursue a new career focused on alternative care for veterans. While attending San Francisco State University, Nathan began growing and extracting cannabis as a CA Prop 215 patient. Shortly after graduating SFSU, Nathan moved to Mendocino County as an independent cannabis processor working with several extraction startups and then shifting to extraction equipment where he participated in the development of innovative tech and SOPs (standard operating procedures) designed to meet the needs of a growing industry. His passion for the cannabis plant and extensive experience within the industry motivates Nathan to continue educating and helping cannabis companies produce refined, effective, consistent concentrates as the Business Development Manager at TruSteel.

“With Western States, we are currently developing projects in Ecuador, and we have also installed equipment in Colombia as well. We are continuing to talk to more labs as we travel around South America.“

Why did TruSteel decide to partner with Western States?

TruSteel is the premier knowledge and solutions provider in the cannabis processing industry based in northern California. We got our start in this industry specializing in evaporation technologies, launching the AutoVap falling film evaporator in 2017. We wanted to partner with Western States because they are known as the global leader in centrifugal equipment technologies. It is complicated to both build the machines and service them not only in the US but globally as well. However, we specialize in every other part of the process within the ethanol extraction process. As we began to talk with Western States, we realized our alignment as OEM manufactures both valuing quality manufacturing and exceptional customer support. Both of us have similar goals in terms of expansion, particularly globally and in Mexico, Central, and South America. Western States has been around for over 100 years, and is in 35 countries already with a strong customer service support team. We are excited about this partnership and excited to expand internationally. With Western States, we are currently developing projects in Ecuador, and we have also installed equipment in Colombia as well. We are continuing to talk to more labs as we travel around South America.۬

What are the main differentiators of TruSteel in comparison to companies that offer similar products?

TruSteel is an owner operated OEM that prides ourselves as being “By Extractors, For Extractors“. We differentiate ourselves through our knowledge of processing, automation, and our ability to serve multiple industires. As this industry matures, we are seeing more requirements for compliance critical processes and equipment. TruSteel welcomes this maturation as we’ve been self-driven to provide the highest standards on the processing aspect of the sector, making it a relevant part of the sector. One of the things that separates our equipment is the fact that you can have a fully automated platforms that can meet pharmaceutical standards. We also provide individual solutions as well as a front-to-back solution. The industry is rapidly evolving and growing, and a big concern is with hardware obsolescence. We offer upgrade programs to address this concern as well as service contracts to ensure the customer is competitive in a fast-changing landscape.€¨

What are your clients’ main challenges when it comes to processing cannabis?

۬There are many companies that do not understand the full scope of starting and operating a cannabis extraction business, not only the knowledge and experience of extraction, but also navigating the current legislative and regulatory framework. One of the challenges our clients face revolves around navigating fire safety regulations and ensuring that the facility and equipment meets the international, federal, and local regulations. Understanding relationships are key to success and when you buy a piece of equipment, you are building a relationship that will last for years. This is a cyclical process. Pay attention and find the right partner that will be with you through expansion as well as change. It is important to surround yourself with like-minded people that breed success, stand behind their product and services.

What is the next step for your company?

The next step is not only expanding internationally but also expanding the education we provide, by attending and sponsoring events and interacting with industry leaders. We want to educate people that we are technology and solutions providers. We serve not only cannabis, but we also serve food/beverage, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and bio-tech. We worked under Operation Warp Speed on the COVID-19 vaccine and developed the AutoVap 40 GMP to meet pharmaceutical and GMP standards. Cannabis is where TruSteel began and continues to be our primary focus as we continue to expand to new industries. As we expand internationally with Western States, we will continue educating the market as we develop new production facilities. We are here to help companies take the right steps to be successful because we do not just want one sale. We want to build a relationship that will last forever as their success is our success.۬۬

Many believe 2022 will be a crucial year for the cannabis industry. What are your main goals for 2022?

Internally, we are continually pushing R&D and product development to stay on the forefront of cannabis processing and to meet new challenges that arise outside of cannabis. This includes facility manufacturing certifications as well as necessary certifications to meet the global market demands. We will be expanding into Latin America with our partners Western States, and we are excited to continue being industry leaders, educating processors and business leaders.



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