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Julio A. Santaella

MEXICO - Economy

National Institute of Statistics and Geography

President, National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI)


TBY talks to Julio A. Santaella, President of National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) on the Economy sector.

What information does INEGI provide Mexico?

INEGI is Mexico’s statistical and geographical authority and coordinates the Mexican National Statistical and Geographical Information System (SNIEG), in which government departments are involved. One of the main sources of information we provide is economic statistics, but we also generate demographic, social, governance, crime, geospatial, and environmental data. Furthermore, we are one of the few institutions in the world that combines both geographical and statistical mandates. This provides us with a strong basis to develop our organization. As part of this, we follow up quick events on a short-term basis to understand what is happening to the economy. Our set of surveys allows us to understand what is going on in both the short and long term. One of our most well-known information programs is the System of National Accounts, a complex set of different types of data, the most famous being GDP. We also create price indices by collecting the producer price index and the consumer price index, which are the bases for the measurement of inflation.

In what ways do you collaborate with the private sector to promote investment in Mexico?

We collaborate in two ways. We depend crucially on the private sector to compile our statistics. In terms of economic statistics, the most important pieces of information come from them. We have monthly and other annual surveys for which we depend on the continued collaboration of the private sector. The second dimension is on the user side. We have a program to stimulate the use of information by the private sector. We launched our website to make it more user friendly for different types of users. We have basic, specialized, and expert users. Most users from the private sector want to have the time series and economic analysis right in their hands, so we have improved this part of the website. We want to collaborate with the private sector on different types of projects.



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