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Natra Abdulla CEO & Founder, Artan Holding

QATAR - Economy

Natra Abdulla

CEO & Founder, Artan Holding


Artan Holding is a Qatari company with a diverse portfolio of businesses in the education, real estate, architecture, construction, logistics, and energy industries, playing an instrumental role in progressing Qatar’s national agenda of social and economic progress for all.
How do ESG initiatives and sustainability principles play a vital role in the development of your strategies across the different business?

Natra Abdulla: Although we are not a publicly listed entity, Artan Holding firmly believes in ESG factors, and we practice them in the holding company and across our subsidiaries. In terms of environmental goals, we believe in the conservation of our environment and practice this, specifically when it comes to climate change, energy efficiency, and waste management. We subscribe to these objectives by instilling these values in our community (our staff, students, partners, and clients), as well as practice them in our business operations. In our education portfolio, environmental objectives are instilled in our students through academia as well as extracurricular activities. In our real estate portfolio, we are conscious of and proactive in building, operating, and managing environmentally-friendly assets. And, in our logistics and energy solutions subsidiaries, we offer our clients efficient, sustainable solutions. We will always strive to understand and implement clean, sustainable solutions to our business ventures and challenges. In terms of social goals, the consideration of people and relationships has always and will always remain at the core of everything we do. We understand that our people are our greatest assets, and with such a diverse community in gender, nationality, and technical backgrounds, Artan will continue to invest in its people to produce the optimal work environment. Finally, in terms of governance goals, we are proud of the structure we have in place. Artan’s governance structure provides transparency, credibility, and reliability to our staff, our partners, our clients, and our board members. We will continue to operate this way.

What impact will the FIFA World Cup 2022 have across all sectors in Qatar and how would you define the legacy that will remain?

Natra Abdulla: We are already witnessing the impact this tournament has had (and will continue to have) in Qatar across infrastructure, society, and the economy. The FIFA World Cup 2022 provides Qatar with significant brand equity locally and internationally. The trust that comes with hosting a global sporting event of this magnitude is immense, and Qatar has proved worthy of this trust, and we will deliver in November. But, more importantly, the hosting of this tournament has cemented Qatar’s older generation’s pride and trust in seeing this country’s direction and growth, and above all, gives its younger generation the belief that the sky is the limit: Qatar can and will strive for the best. Qatar has witnessed immense economic growth over the last decade since being awarded the right to host the FIFA World Cup. It is important to stress that the World Cup is not the be-all-and-end-all, but instead, serves as a “north star” for a young country building a nation, and it is only the beginning.

Which are your main objectives for the next year 2023?

Natra Abdulla: As with any fiscal year, Artan Holding’s business objectives entail economic and social goals. Artan Holding’s economic objectives are two-fold. For the existing sectors that we participate in, our goal is to build on our profitability by continuously reflecting on where and how we can improve our offerings to our clients. We are a highly adaptive entity, we strive to be at the forefront of global trends that can be localized for the Qatari market, and we will continue to grow sustainability this way. As for potential new sectors, we are constantly evolving, and we are always on the lookout for new, attractive opportunities that complement or even (positively) disrupt our existing business operations. But these opportunities need to make sense for us, and above all, must not only have an economic impact, but also a social impact for our community. Our social objectives also serve a dual mission: external impact for our community, in the form of direct, indirect, and induced impact, as well as internal social impact for our employees in the form of increased human capital, and a competitive, healthy work environment. 6



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