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COLOMBIA - Energy & Mining

Nestor Bottia

CEO, Fortia Minerals


Nestor Bottia is an industrial engineer with more than 20 years of experience, with a master’s in marketing and international business from Universidad del Norte. He has a wide experience in trading, logistics, and strategy in different sectors. He was previously the Latin American vice president of Oxbow Carbon and Minerals, where he managed the operations in Mexico, among others. Previously, he was the managing director of SSM Coal B.V and trading director of Argos. He has been in several board of directors of mining, construction and fishing companies.

“In 2022 alone, we moved 0.5 million tons of products and 200,000 tons in logistics.”
Fortia Minerals is focused on promoting innovation and technology to improve efficiency and sustainability while collaborating with local stakeholders to establish a sustainable business model and create positive impact in the communities where it operates.
Can you provide an overview of Fortia Minerals and its operations in Colombia since its inception?

Fortia Minerals, formerly established under a different name in the 1980s, has undergone significant transformations since then. As an international investor-owned company, we operate in four main lines of business. Our primary focus is on the production of metallurgical coke, with plants located in Cundinamarca and Boyacá. We also engage in steam coal trading, primarily sourcing from North Santander. To support our logistics needs, we established Fortia Logistics, a new company that operates through a multi-modal system, including a port in Gamarra, Cesar, where we load barges to Barranquilla and Cartagena, as well as transport products via trucks, making it a truly multi-modal operation. The port serves as a hub for loading coal onto a train bound for Santa Marta. In order to ensure a stable supply of raw materials for our metallurgical coal business, we have recently ventured into a new mining line of business, developing coal mines specializing in metallurgical coal in Boyacá. This strategic move enhances our raw material sourcing capabilities. With our commitment to creating value for our shareholders, we have implemented new technologies in our production and financial systems. Our company has experienced significant growth and currently employs 600 people. In 2022 alone, we moved 500,000 tons of products and 200,000 tons in logistics. We have also undergone changes in terms of our name, work processes, and brand in the past year and a half. While our operations are based in Barranquilla, we also have activities in Cesar. With a fresh team and renewed focus, we are determined to continue driving the success and growth of Fortia Minerals.

What initiatives is Fortia Minerals undertaking to promote innovation and technology in its coal production processes?

We are in the process of transitioning our production system in most plants to improve efficiency and sustainability. This includes implementing solera ovens and co-generation to generate our own electricity from coke-making process gases. We also plan to establish an analytic technical department to optimize our coke production through data-driven decision-making. In our logistics business, we will invest in infrastructure improvements at the port, incorporating state-of-the-art crane equipment to streamline our operations. Additionally, we are collaborating with international consultants to implement a high-tech mining system in our operations, leveraging advanced technologies for improved safety, productivity, and sustainability. Fortia Minerals is committed to continuous improvement and innovation. By adopting modern technologies and data-driven approaches, we strive to remain industry leaders and create value for our stakeholders.

How does the company plan to foster partnerships and collaborations with local stakeholders to support the growth of the industry in Colombia?

We actively participate in various associations, including FenalCarbón, which brings together our partners and colleagues from different areas to improve our business for the benefit of our shareholders and stakeholders. We are also the founders of Proboyaca, a new entity that focuses on supporting Boyacá, our main investment area in the future. We are committed to working collaboratively with the authorities, environmental agencies, government, and local mayors to establish a sustainable business model in the region. Furthermore, we work closely via Fortia Logistics and other industrial stakeholders to improve the conditions of the Magdalena River through innovative solutions. We are dedicated to implementing new and creative approaches to enhance the sustainability of our products. In terms of community engagement, we have a dedicated social department that brings benefits to the communities in close proximity to our metallurgical plant, river port, and Norte de Santander. We collaborate with these communities to support schools and individuals in need and have implemented a comprehensive social strategy to create positive impact. The company is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and driving positive change in the areas where we operate. Through collaboration with various stakeholders and innovative solutions, we strive to contribute to sustainable development and create value for our communities.



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