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The numerous technological changes sweeping across the energy industry all offer great opportunities for the oil and gas service industry to leverage.

Fouad Eid

Vice President for EMEA, ChampionX

In June 2022, we celebrated the two-year anniversary of the merger between Apergy and Ecolab’s oil and gas chemical business to create ChampionX. Since day one, we have been working together as one company to improve our product and services offering to our clients in Oman and throughout the region. This includes specific technologies that combine our digital offering with our chemicals in order provide our clients with cost-efficient solutions that lower the total cost of ownership in their wells. Our footprint in Oman continues to grow. We continue to grow our product and technology portfolio in Oman and the region as demand for oil and gas grows and as production from existing and new reservoirs presents challenges. We bring multiple benefits to the Oman petroleum industry. With the industry’s only full complement of artificial lift technologies, production reservoir chemicals, and emissions monitoring, ChampionX is uniquely positioned to be a trusted partner.

Murtaza Jariwala

CEO & Managing Director, Vanguard Engineering & Oilfield Services Company

Primarily, Vanguard’s brand statement is to assist E&P companies, or oil and gas companies, to extract, treat, and transport crude oil and gas by providing innovative, cost-effective solutions. We have three manufacturing facilities where we create value addition. And this is an ongoing process, where we continue to add more and more products into this area. Over the years, we have established a market for our products, we identified the technology partner, and we ensure we have sold enough of that product in the country. We also do it step by step. The first phase is just the basic assembly, and the second has real value addition, in terms of more scope of manufacturing. We add services to that component. Vanguard has always been known to bring in new and innovative technologies. Many times, we get a call from a client, asking us to find a solution to their problems without it costing too much. We work with them to identify solutions.

Salah Al-Harthy

Director Business Development & Well Services Division, Abraj Energy Services, Oman

Abraj Energy started in 2006 and the first operation followed in 2007. Our goal and vision at that time was to be the market leader in the drilling business and the rest of well services engineering. Another key goal since the beginning was to cater to local employment. Our company has grown rapidly over the last 15 years, and we are the leading drilling contractor in Oman today. We have almost a 30% market share in drilling and work over. We managed to start our well services component for our business in well engineering. We are also active in the cementing and fracking business, cold tubing and so on. We take great pride in having started all these businesses by ourselves without any kind of partnership or joint ventures. We were the first local company in the MENA region to start in the fracturing business, paving the way for others back in 2013. Today, we are the second ranked player in the fracking business in the Omani market.

Sheikh Musallam Al Maashani

CEO, Al Baraka Oilfield Services S.A.O.C

Al Baraka Oilfield Services SAOC is a super local community contractor (SLCC). It was registered in 2011 and we have now completed more than a decade of operations. The company has projects—completed and ongoing—across two divisions, hoist operations and off-plot delivery contract (ODC) services operating in the PDO concession. It operates multiple workover rigs in south Oman extending from Nimr to Bahja area. Al Baraka runs the pipeline/flowline construction business and EPC projects in Bahja and Rima. Al Baraka has several firsts to its credit; for example, it was the first SLCC to obtain the OPAL Certification and ISO 9001:2015/ISO 29000 certifications. We are a medium-sized enterprise, which helps us to remain nimble, and we operate with a great degree of flexibility. Our liquidity and cashflows are healthy, and revenues are steadily increasing year on year.



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