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Norberto Cerón

SPAIN - Real Estate & Construction

Norberto Cerón

CEO, Siles Construcciones


Norberto Cerón is CEO of Siles Construcciones.

The greater focus on sustainable solutions and a higher quality of homes has seen Siles Construcciones develop better projects for Mallorca’s most discerning homebuyers.

With more than 50 years in the construction sector in Mallorca, how has the company’s project portfolio evolved?

Each and every one of the projects that Siles has carried out has made us one of the leading companies in our sector today. From large residences, multi-family, single-family, luxury, and regular homes to unique projects, health centers, hotels, and warehouses, they have all made us the leading company in our sector. Siles Construcciones is a family business that was founded by my father-inlaw, Pedro Siles Davia. It has been operating for 40 years now, and it has transformed from a family business into a modern company, with management and control systems and state-of-the-art technology. We are in the third generation, and both my sons are architects and on the management team. We want it to continue to be a family business, because the family business fabric is extremely important in Mallorca.

What characteristics mark the current demand for new construction in Mallorca?

The search for an excellent and sustainable product today is in fashion. However, within this line of seeking sustainability and the best product, clients increasingly seek quality and adherence to the budget and deadline. That is what we seek to achieve in every project. That is why our slogan is: “Siles Construcciones. We comply.” We comply with the maximum in quality, the deadline, and the budget. Every day, customers seek higher quality, tighter deadlines, and greater demands in terms of products of higher standing and greater sustainability.

What are some of the main advantages of investments in real estate in Mallorca, especially by foreigners?

Mallorca is the Miami of Europe. Because we are accessible from all of Europe, and we have an extremely attractive climate zone for Europe. We also have everything one is looking for: a great climate, safety, excellent infrastructure, and all kinds of services of high quality and without excessive costs. Mallorca is attractive to all foreigners.

What is your vision for further implementation of sustainable practices by the construction sector?

At the moment, everything to do with sustainability and an increase in quality is booming. All the projects now surpass the previous one in terms of sustainable characteristics, the implementation of improvements in quality, and the final product. This is already the case, and in our action protocol we adjust accordingly. In fact, our seals for quality in the environment, in ISO 14001, are focused on actions within our protocol with continuous improvement in sustainability and quality.

What projects in Siles Construcciones can we expect in the short term, and what innovative features do they bring to the island?

The fundamental thing is that we will continue along the same lines in luxury residential, family, public works, health centers, and hotels because we have the divisions within our construction company to serve each segment. In terms of things that are improving, these relate to our differentiating factor: the design, character, and qualities that we provide. We ensure continuous improvement in quality and new concepts of habitat and life. After the pandemic, the vision of people’s lives have changed. We want better homes, more open spaces, and a different kind of life. The pandemic has shown that people need much better homes, with other differentiating characteristics than what we were used to. Now, we want more open spaces, with outdoor terraces, more shared common areas, and, above all, more open air. Historically, areas such as Palma and Port d’Andrátx have always been in great demand; however, now areas like Alcudia, Pollença, and Cala d’Or are seeing unique projects that are extremely attractive to foreign buyers.



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