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His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said

OMAN - Diplomacy

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Sultan, Oman


Under the watchful eye of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, Oman is moving full-steam ahead toward its 2020 Vision goals.

Through the implementation of a succession of national development plans, Oman has successfully completed laying the foundations of a modern state and will continue to build on this achievement, improving living standards, and implementing programs that aim to boost economic growth through the diversification of sources of national income and the development of human resources.

Guided by its 2020 Vision, Oman aims to prepare itself for the future by enabling the economy to achieve its strategic evolution. Thus, the economy will no longer be dependent on government expenditure, oil resources, and foreign workers, and it will enter a better and more comprehensive phase, based on private initiative, nationally trained workers, and sustainable established resources. This will result in improving the standard of living of Omani citizens, in guaranteeing their welfare, wherever they are, based upon this vigorous development in every field.

Oil is a finite resource, and its age is limited. Therefore, it is necessary not to depend on it solely to finance development. From the beginning, Oman has stressed this truth, and its efforts have been notably successful. However, oil is still the main resource, and the fluctuation of its price is of great concern to everyone. Thus there is no other course but to diversify the sources of national income more widely in order to make oil revenues only a minor element of this income. This leads Oman to call upon its citizens to save, invest, pursue business interests, develop industry, tourism, and agriculture, and utilize mineral resources, fisheries, livestock, and other sources of revenue. It is essential that the Omani private sector be more active and prove its efficiency and ability to compete. The governmental administrative system must react to, and co-operate with, the private sector. It must not allow bureaucracy and routine to hinder its good performance.

Nations can only be built through the efforts of their people and the only way they can join the march of civilization and progress is through knowledge, experience, and training. It is no secret that the true wealth of any nation lies in human resources that are capable of pushing the wheel of progress forward in every sphere of life. Oman’s determination to move forward with confidence, toward the broader horizons of comprehensive, sustainable development remains undiminished. While committed to preserving its own values and identity, Oman is enthusiastic about developing international relations to reinforce the advances already made. Further progress, Omanis believe, can best be achieved through hard work and the pursuit of knowledge, which will prepare the Sultanate and its citizens for dealing with the emerging realities of the modern age.

In the area of international relations, Oman’s foreign policy is based on firm foundations and principles; support for rights and justice and a desire to work together with other peace-loving countries of the world to resolve international conflicts through dialog and negotiation, so that everyone can enjoy security and stability and all the peoples of earth can reap the benefits. The Sultanate of Oman has always been known for its clear policy of co-operation with all, based on the firm principles of mutual respect, dialog, and the rejection of force as a way to resolve problems, because it believes that this will lead to societies in which a spirit of fraternity and stability will prevail.

Oman has maintained and preserved its identity and intellectual inheritance, and it has adopted every means for development and modernization. It has been clear to Oman that its heritage is not only represented by forts, castles, and ancient buildings, but by spiritual customs and traditions, by science, art, and literature, transmitted by one generation to another. The real preservation of heritage will not be accomplished unless Oman understands this and cherishes it. The achievements made across the land of Oman in various fields are a source of pride. Oman aspires to continue the blessed march of renaissance with greater will and determination, and this can only be achieved through collaboration and integration of efforts for the benefit of all.



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