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Nuno Borges

ANGOLA - Transport

Nuno Borges

Chairman, CFAO Motors Angola


Nuno Borges is Chairman of the Board of Directors for CFAO Motors Angola and Accumulative CFAO Head Office Country Delegate. He is also advisor to the president on the Social and Economic Council (CES) and deputy coordinator for Business Technical Group (GTE) in support of the senior government. In March 2020, he received the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette, from the government of Japan.

"The fundamental objective is to align the structure and identity with other African countries where CFAO is present."
A group with a large and long tradition in Africa of over 100 years, CFAO Motors Angola is optimistic about its expansion and growth plans in the country in the coming years.
Toyota has already rebranded as CFAO Motors in certain countries. What was the purpose of the rebranding and what is the new business model?

The fundamental objective is to align the structure and identity with other African countries where CFAO is present. CFAO is a group with a large and long tradition in Africa, of over 100 years, mainly in French-speaking countries. That later expanded whereby today it is present in almost all African countries. CFAO is part of the Toyota Tsusho Corporation group, which it acquired about 10 years ago. And, therefore, the automobile activity of Toyota Tsusho Corporation in Africa was transferred to CFAO. Of course, the objective is to match this alignment with the culture, identity, and experience that CFAO has in Africa. The products and sales culture remain the same. CFAO is also a multi-brand group that also carries Suzuki, Ford, Isuzu, BWV, among other brands, as well as other products related to the healthcare, consumer and technology sectors. In certain countries we have distribution partnerships, where for example, Carrefour belongs to the CFAO group. In addition, in the area of medicines, we have a large group with CFAO called Europharma, operating in Angola as wholesaler company Laborex. And at a general level, CFAO intends to cover other business areas in Angola in future. We have a large project for the rehabilitation and expansion of the commercial and mining Port of Namibe.

What were the company’s key moments in recent years?

In the post-COVID-19 period, one can see commercial progress, and there are many projects underway in the country. Our sales have also slightly improved. We had growth of around 40% in 2022 compared to 2021. In 2023, we see a growth of 17% to 20%. Unfortunately, in 2021 most of the importers were unofficial, other than brand distributors. We are working for this market to be better regulated according to current law. And on the other hand, we are working to persuade the government to buy locally instead of importing directly. We know how important this is and urgently need to regulate this market. For example, that company that is not representing a brand, should no longer be importer, according to current Presidential Decree 155/20.

Toyota opened an academy in February. What investment has been made so far?

This is a project carried out by the Angolan government and Toyota, wherein we offered some training equipment, professional training team, and management, with support of Brazil’s SENAI, one of the world’s foremost companies in professional training, with which we are training mechanic trainees. We are satisfied and hope in a year and a half to have advanced to a higher level.

What is your vision for the company in three to five years?

CFAO Motors Angola has some investments in plan so that expands its activity either in sales facilities or aftersales services. TTC and CFAO groups have also the intention to expand businesses in different fields according to the opportunities and following the country growth trend.



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