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Alejandro Yepes

COLOMBIA - Industry


General Manager, Nutreo


Alejandro Yepes studied odontology at CES and Southern New Hampshire University. His long career as a healthcare professional has seen him serve as Director for Public Health of the Antioquia region, as well as General Manager of the Cancerology Institute and CEO of the Foundation for the management of Cancer Projects (FUNDAIDC).

TBY talks to Alejandro Yepes, General Manager of Nutreo.

What is the company’s business model, and how is it working to improve the nutrition of consumers?
First, Nutreo wants to nourish wellness. We want to improve nutrition not only for Colombians, but the world. We believe in the development of children’s brains through nutrition. The nutrition they receive in the first 1,000 days and then up to five years old will change their lives forever. In that sense, we want to change and develop our country through excellent nutrition for our kids. We are a B2B business, and we improve nutrition through our allies. For example, we innovate our allies’ products by better ingredients, premixes of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. We develop, manufacture, and innovate nutritional products to companies that produce food. We add value to food.

What is the importance of your public nutrition initiatives, and why is Nutreo the ideal partner to achieve these goals?
At Nutreo, we believe in the goal we are trying to achieve and are focused on producing good, innovative, and custom-made products for different populations and needs; we know that the better products and innovation in the process, the more people we can reach. Government programs have wide coverage, and the public sector knows where to go and how to connect with those people. That is something that works well for us. If we can provide an excellent product, then the government can get it to the public, and we can help measure the success of those programs in developing human capital. That is why we like to partner with governments that believe in quality products that can change lives. We have to work with the healthcare system because good nutrition is a good preventative measure that lowers sickness rates and develops a healthier population.



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