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With oil and gas production and activity growing in Colombia, service providers are stepping up to provide customized technical solutions and competitive prices to help customers achieve their production goals.

Jaime Romero

General Director Andean Region (OFS), Baker Hughes Colombia

Baker Hughes is an energy technology company focused on the development of the energy industry. Specifically, within the oil and gas space, we have serviced all three market segments—upstream, midstream, and downstream—horizontally including these segments in the digital business. We take energy forward—making it safer, cleaner, and more efficient for people and the planet. We seek to anticipate the needs of the market. We work closely with our clients, not only to identify their needs, but also to anticipate where we can help them find solutions that allow them to carry out their projects by presenting the best cost-benefit options for all parties under full compliance and respect of international and local regulations. We are the only company in the sector that covers all market segments (full stream), and we continue to make progress in strengthening ourselves, which allows us to continue being a benchmark in the worldwide oil and gas industry. We pride ourselves in having excellent human capital, especially when it comes to driving diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our continuous commitment to investing millions of dollars in R&D allows us to be at the forefront of technology worldwide.

Jorge Iván Torres

President, Lupatech Colombia

Lupatech is focused on technological services within oil and gas. We have a presence across Latin America and stand out for combining on-the-ground expertise with a global vision of business. We have around 400 collaborators, and most of the technical and management teams have extensive international experience in different markets worldwide. Such markets include offshore deep and shallow water, land fields, high and low tier, high-pressure gas, mature fields, exploration projects. Colombia is mostly a land market, though we provide all that experience within our team at our clients’ disposal. In addition, we have presence in all oil and gas producing regions in Colombia with three operating bases strategic located in Villavicencio, Barrancabermeja, and Neiva. Part of our DNA is finding unique solutions for our clients. Large companies have cumbersome processes of R&D that prevent them from having a flexible approach whereas we are a local company with highly technical international alliances and can bring technologies within our sector to Colombia to provide local solutions. We work to accommodate the technologies to the problems that our clients have in Colombia. We have been following this strategy for the last 10 years with a positive market reception.

Ricardo Sarmiento

CEO, Ricardo Sarmiento

We have exposure in Colombia, our main focus area, as well as Argentina, and to a degree in Chile and Peru. We are a Tier-2 type of company, oilfield-wise, and have around 1,400 employees, where, again, Colombia accounts for the bulk. Our main focus in Colombia is drilling for exploration and production, thus “development” and well services (cementing and coiled tubing). Education has always factored into the sector. What we have done over the past six years is bring young talent from universities and nurture them rapidly to fill out different positions, both on the technical and leadership sides. We must provide our employees with best possible training, and to do so we developed our own university, which today offers over 50 courses. We also provide training to some of our clients in specific areas. It is mandatory for all of us, including myself, to go through all of the courses. They vary from highly technical to soft-skill training. The other thing is, we are pursuing career development plans for our younger generation and implementing them quickly as this new generation is destined to becoming the future leaders of this company.



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