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Omar Al-Dalbahi

SAUDI ARABIA - Energy & Mining

Omar Al-Dalbahi

CEO, Mutlaq Al-Ghowairi Contracting Co. (MGC)


Omar Al-Dalbahi has a bachelor’s degree of civil engineering and a master’s in civil engineering from King Saud University. He has held many prestigious positions in different contracting companies and has been CEO of MGC since 2012. His extensive experience in many fields, especially in the management of contracting companies, has qualified him as a prominent member of the international road conferences and water conferences. He is also a member of the higher committee of the International Road Federation (IRF).

TBY talks to Omar Al-Dalbahi, CEO of Mutlaq Al-Ghowairi Contracting Co. (MGC), about the pandemic, bidding for megaprojects, and diversification.

How would you assess the impact of the pandemic on MGC?

Because of COVID-19, the past two years have been challenging for the construction industry; however, since MGC has been a successful player within the construction industry for more than 40 years, we managed to overcome most of these challenges. Our core DNA remained the same, and we maintained our values and identity. We successfully achieved steady growth, repositioning both our brand and our reputation in the sector, especially with major clients such as SWCC, SWPC, NWC, Neom, and many other government and private entities that appreciated our commitment to deliver any project on time and within budget. Over the years, we have had continuous access to our supply chain, ensuring the punctual delivery of every single material needed for the execution of our projects. Being a successful bidder, we make sure to always have a reasonable profit margin that we reinvest in the company, while ensuring the maximum Saudization and local content.

MGC will be part of the construction of Neom megaproject. How will you support this project, and what are your expectations for the other announced initiatives, such as the Red Sea Project?

We are currently bidding on some megaprojects in Neom. MGC has qualified management and manpower, and we own all types of construction equipment needed for the execution of a variety of complex projects. MGC is planning to bid on any project in Neom and the Red Sea Project that is aligned with its construction business expertise. As far as these projects are concerned, our expectations are extremely high. We are confident in our know-how, capability, and experience. We consider ourselves to be a reliable partner, as well as a key player that can secure the successful execution of Neom and the Red Sea project.

What role does MGC play in Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation, and what is your approach to technological innovation to stay competitive?

We are going through a new digital era—MGC is well aware about that. Therefore, we keep ourselves competitive with the latest digital technology available in the market to meet the requirements of the construction industry. As far as technology and digitalization are involved, we are aligned with the best international trends. As a matter of fact, we have reinforced our IT department, hiring the most proficient staff and keeping our IT systems up to date.

How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors and position yourselves in the KSA?

We have been working in the construction industry for more than 40 years and have expanded our portfolio of services and the areas of expertise. Today, MGC offers a wide range of services in different fields such as distribution networks, treatment plants, pump stations, support facilities, water tanks, and reservoirs. During our four decades of operations, MGC has hired the most competent management at its head office, its human capital is known for its skills embracing a wide spectrum of disciplines, and safety remains an asset. Our site staff is trained to execute the work in the most efficient and safest possible way, minimizing incidents at the site where we operate. Know-how, skilled human capital, and state-of-the-art equipment are the factors we continue to build our reputation on.

Looking ahead into 2022, how you are looking into diversifying your products and service portfolio, particularly regarding your operations and maintenance for water facilities?

MGC’s plan for 2022 is mainly focused on diversifying the business and entering into the investment and PPP business to develop megaprojects for major clients such as SWPC, SWCC and NWC through JV with international partners. For that, MGC has established a new company called Buhur For Investment to manage such efforts. Furthermore, MGC is planning to enter into O&M business, which has lots of potential for growth in the Kingdom. We also plan to get involved in desalination plants in Saudi. MGC has started discussing with international firms that have expertise and skills in this field. If we agree on the terms and conditions, we will enter into an agreement for future projects. Additionally, as a EPC contractor, we plan to enter into a Consortium and bid for bigger projects such as desalination plants, water transmission lines, and sewage treatment plants. Diversification will drive our short- and medium-term growth: we are also exploring the possibility of acquiring new industrial units to sustain our growth.



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