The Business Year

Companies turn to consulting companies in order to become more productive and plan strategically.

Andrés Sánchez

Director General, Randstad

Mexico is expected to have one of the largest workforces in the world in 20 years and will be one of the top five in terms of growth. At the moment, however, it faces a problem when it comes to informality in the workforce, which makes up around 50-60%. To effect real change, the country needs to find a way to transition these informal positions into formal ones. Even many HR companies are not formal themselves. One of our main differentiators is our formality, and we encourage other companies to do the same. We comply with all labor and fiscal legislation. In Mexico, our main business line is staffing, and this is typically outsourced. Our clients want to stick to their expertise, which is their core business, and look for outside help when it comes to recruitment and the administration of employees. We also have recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), where we manage clients’ recruitment processes, particularly for those that do not want a recruitment department themselves. This allows us to bring quality and quantity to our clients in a straightforward way. In Latin America, RPO is relatively recent and has only been available for five years or so. In the last two years, it has become more popular in Mexico and is our fastest-growing segment.

Erick Pérez Rauda

CEO, Rauda Consultores

Rauda conducts business consultancy in three areas: administrative, financial, and commercial. In the administrative part, we are interested in the development of people as individuals. The financial evaluates if an investment is at risk or not, and the commercial part is focused on meeting needs, offering tangible added value, and making sure that the product or service is exportable. Demand for our business advice in administration is high because many times companies do not have any direction. The majority of companies in Mexico are born out of need of survival and not to satisfy a need in the market. In these cases, we focus on restructuring all that, guide clients to go to a market that needs them, and, if they are in a highly competitive market, give them tangible added value. We do this for medium and large companies. Large companies need this more because they have such a diverse market that they need to segment their operations. We help large companies focus on these micro segments to make their operations more profitable.

Jesús Enrique

Director, Jesús Enrique

Large companies pay attention to optimization and growth. With SMEs, it is different because survival is much more important. Businesspersons behind SMEs have ideas and see many opportunities but lack the know-how to channel all this to have an excellent team. We help companies align the culture of their workforce with the company’s objectives, which helps them cope with changes and uncertainty. Since Mexico has a new government, many SME entrepreneurs started the year excellently, but with caution. Employees have a hard time adapting to crises, but entrepreneurs must start moving, especially because of technological rather than governmental changes. Companies establish objectives and design the way of thinking of their people to meet those objectives; however, if they do not change the way of thinking, it will be difficult to achieve results. We try to understand why the human element does not understand the way things change in companies. This is organizational culture. Culture is how we help people change their behavior to generate certain results. The big companies do not have an organizational culture, and it is difficult for them to change. SMEs, on the other hand, are used to change because they are accustomed to moving faster.



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