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Oriol Molas

COLOMBIA - Finance

Oriol Molas

Founder & Managing Partner, Orience


Oriol Molas is an economist from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona (UPF). He has a master’s degree in international business also from UPF and an Executive MBA from the IESE Business School. He has over 18 years of experience leading and analyzing financial and legal real estate operations internationally, primarily in Asia. Currently, Molas is the Founder & Managing Partner of Orience.

"Orience was established a decade ago, following the enactment of the Spanish Golden Visa law in 2013, which came under the investment law."
Orience is a consulting company for investors that offers mobility and wealth management solutions through its residency, investment residency, and investment citizenship programs to individuals, digital nomads, and companies.
How has the company evolved over the last decade?

Orience was established a decade ago, following the enactment of the Spanish Golden Visa law in 2013, which came under the investment law. At that time, we had a wealth of connections with China, and the industry was thriving, with considerable interest from Chinese investors seeking to obtain residency in Spain. As a law firm specializing in foreign companies seeking to invest in Spain, we saw an opportunity to focus exclusively on international investors keen on investing in Spain, with a specialization in residency by investment. Initially, the focus was solely on China, but the company soon expanded its portfolio to include other countries such as Portugal, Greece, and the Caribbean, where many people seek a second passport. As a result, Orience has evolved into a specialized residency and citizenship investment firm, with a focus on Spain and former Spanish colonies, as well as countries where Spain enjoys a competitive advantage over other nations.

What issues and challenges does Orience face in providing services to Colombian migrants in foreign destinations?

Our company offers a flagship program, providing Colombian clients with all the necessary services for obtaining residency or citizenship in Spain. When considering obtaining a second residency or passport, it is common for individuals to face a broad range of risks and uncertainties. There may be various reasons for their decision, including the desire to relocate with their children or diversify their investments. Sometimes, it can be challenging to determine whether to choose the US or Spain as the destination; however, our team of experts can assist clients in identifying their priorities and provide the best possible solution for their needs. We help individuals who wish to visit and/or get a new residency in Spain, the US, Panama, or Greece. While the US is a common market for Latin Americans, Spain is an excellent option, especially for those seeking an easy transition due to the language similarities. Furthermore, Spain offers the opportunity to obtain a European passport after residing there for two years, which comes with many benefits. We have successfully assisted numerous clients through the entire process, providing them with substantial benefits in the end.

Do you also have plans to extend your services to other Latin American countries?

Our company serves clients within six Latin American countries: Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, and Bolivia. When considering expanding our operations, we must evaluate two distinct types of markets: the first is outgoing markets, where local investors are actively seeking opportunities to invest abroad, the second type is inbound markets, where foreign investors are interested in investing their capital in the local country. We prioritize exploring opportunities in markets that meet the needs of our clients and expand our business reach.

How can Orience establish itself in the Colombian market as the best in the sector despite being new?

In new markets, there are usually established industry players that have been around for decades with expertise in investment migration; however, in Colombia, we have not encountered such strong industry players. While there are some competitors, they are not specialized in our specific field, making the market relatively non-competitive. Although we are new, we have the expertise to succeed. While some companies focus on specific programs, such as residency by investment in Spain, Greece, or Portugal, or citizenship by investment in Malta, Turkey, and certain Caribbean countries, in Orience we can offer a broad scope of programs. We are working on expanding our reach through channels (local business partners), and Chile is a great example since we are already working with some companies there that are focusing solely in the industry of investment migration. The ideal path would be to do the same in Colombia, establish ourselves as a brand, and open our own office to tap into the market’s potential.



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