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Ossama Charrouf

Corporate Director of Commercial and Development, Jannah Hotels & Resorts


Ossama Charrouf is Jannah Hotels & Resorts’ Corporate Director of Commercial and Development. He brings a wealth of experience in the hotel industry with over 18 years in the hospitality field, working in a variety of capacities including operations, revenue, sales and marketing. He spent the the last six years as vice president of sales and marketing at Jannah Hotels & Resorts. Prior to joining Jannah Hotels & Resorts in 2017, Charrouf was director of Abu Dhabi global sales at Mövenpick Hotels. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s from the University of Chichester, UK as well as a high diploma in business strategic management and leadership from Pearson, UK.

"Jannah is Arabic for paradise or garden, which perfectly describes the essence of our vision for a brand that captures the luxury, serenity, and safety of a luscious garden."
Jannah Hotels & Resorts was founded in the spirit of Bedouin hospitality and has been a pioneer among hotel groups, with innovative infrastructure and the best offerings in luxury and business accomodation.
Jannah Hotels & Resorts has a variety of offerings, manifesting its vision with an olive tree. What is the concept behind the brand’s emergence, and which is its goal?

Jannah is Arabic for paradise or garden, which perfectly describes the essence of our vision for a brand that captures the luxury, serenity, and safety of a luscious garden. With a distinct Emirati flair, Jannah Hotels & Resorts provides the best in luxury and business lodging across the UAE. We pay respect to the warmth and devotion of Bedouin hospitality with great service across all hotels, providing guests with convenience and comfort in tastefully furnished interiors with cutting-edge amenities in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Ras Al Khaimah. Jannah Hotels & Resorts has situated itself as the leader in the halal hospitality segment through the assortment of services that fit guests’ needs ensuring a comfortable stay at any of Jannah’s numerous outlets.

Jannah Hotels & Resorts was inspired by Bedouin hospitality. Which features play a key role to build the authenticity of your facilities and services?

Jannah Hotels & Resorts was founded on the basis of customs of generous Bedouin hospitality. We have become a well-known brand among hotel chains with a niche focus on the premium budget halal market. Jannah Hotels & Resorts has developed into the hotel management firm of choice for guests in the region thanks to the cutting-edge infrastructure and innovation the group has. Our Bedouin traditions, which thrive on centuries-worth of genuine hospitality, are consistent with an emphasis on sustainability and a definite plan to situate the halal brand in the market as upscale and prestigious.

The hotel has been awarded with different awards such as World Hotel Luxury Hotel Awards or the Traveller Choice by Trip Advisor. What main factors do you attribute this success to?

The hotel’s remarkable successes and accolades can be attributed to a combination of several key factors; however, one of the primary factors contributing to those successes is our integrated communications plan, which commits to exceptional service, prioritizing guest satisfaction, and delivering personalized experiences to consistently exceed expectations and create lasting impressions on our guests. Additionally, we invest in the latest technologies and tools to ensure an even more convenient and comfortable stay for our guests.

Jannah Hotels & Resorts counts five different destinations across the UAE. How would you define hospitality and lifestyle in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi has a unique positioning from all other Emirates as it embodies quiet luxury. With a calm and soothing landscape, the capital proudly boasts a lifestyle of comfort, deeply embedded family values and elegance all within its borders. For these reasons alone, Abu Dhabi is now considered a benchmark for luxury hospitality.

What is the hotel’s plan for 2024, and how does it aim to keep being at the forefront of the industry’s evolution?

Jannah has no plans on slowing down at the moment; we are aiming to expand our brand by adding three more hotels to our portfolio in 2023 and 2024 across the Emirates. We are also looking to further expand across the GCC to emboss our Jannah brand of luxury and Bedouin hospitality across the region.



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