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Pablo Fabian Chico

MEXICO - Green Economy

Pablo Fabian Chico

CEO, Petgas


Pablo Fabian Chico started his professional career in the construction industry, always passionate about environmental and sustainable development. He is a founding partner of Petgas, where he is currently CEO. Petgas is a committed company transforming an environmental problem into an opportunity for energy autonomy for communities.

Petgas focuses on sustainability rather than being an energy supplier and uses its innovative technology to transform plastic into clean fuels.

What solutions do you offer in respect to waste management?

Petgas is the new alternative to transform waste plastics into energy. We have developed through our technology the ability to transform all plastics without the need for any classification. Petgas can simultaneously transform all waste plastics into five different products that replace and exceed in quality the commercial fuels we use and know today, such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, paraffin, and LP gas. All this is thanks to the patent registered by our inventor partner and founder of our company, Edgar Padilla. With our technology, we can prevent millions of cubic meters of plastic waste from ending up in landfills or polluting an ecosystem.

What is your business model?

Through Petgas’ extensive experience, we understand that it is not about selling transformation equipment and earning profits. It is important to understand the complexity of plastic waste conditions, as well to know the technological level in waste separation so as to develop environmental education in the region via our projects. We have seen many waste-to-energy projects fail because this fuel is not clean, and the final product cannot be marketed. Petgas is committed to our investors to develop business models that meet environmental and energy standards so that their investment is highly profitable, and we comply with our ROI. There is a huge challenge in the matter of plastic pollution, which is why it has to be profitable to make it bigger. If there is no solid ROI or business opportunity, this war will be harder. Basically, we are not sellers of transformation equipment; we develop turnkey projects with our mission to our planet.

What relationship does Petgas have with more traditional energy players in the market?

We do not compete with them or replace the energy needs of any region. We focus more on taking care of the plastic problem. Our approach focuses on sustainability rather than being an energy supplier. Our vision has changed in the last five years. Traditional energy companies have no problems with us entering their market, since their gasoline will be also perceived as green. In terms of marketing, it will help them significantly. We work more as an environmental additive than supplying their product. We deliver fair energy for the planet. Turning plastic into fuel has never been this clean, and this is thanks to Petgas’ technology.

What challenges do you face in Mexico in formalizing the waste management industry?

There is a lack of technicality, not enough technology, and, above all else, not enough education to understand how to separate waste. There should be a law that makes littering pay and recycling free. There are the laws for us to comply with, but unfortunately the lack of awareness makes this impossible. We have a massive challenge currently because only 9% is being recycled in the best-case scenario—we still have 81% to go. Changing plastic to other raw materials wouldn’t be a solution, the solution is to separate our waste and make a use of them.

What projects are you developing internationally?

We are currently working with Guatemala, the US, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Spain, and the UAE. In 2022, the challenge for the company is to be in 10 countries simultaneously. After the pandemic, and due to the sustainability trend, we will close the 2022 with 30-40 plants at a national and international level. Now, we have five plants under construction. In the beginning, it was only Petgas investors, and now we are looking for new investors. Through crowdfunding, we have more than 2,000 investors. This is a big responsibility for us and is very exciting for the whole team. In Petgas, we want to leave a mark but not made by plastic: that is our goal.



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