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Pablo Herrera

MEXICO - Industry

Pablo Herrera

CEO, Maserati


Pablo Herrera is CEO of Maserati.

TBY talks to Pablo Herrera, CEO of Maserati.

What were the changes implemented due to the pandemic in your business?

The changes had been working on for a couple of years now and were not necessarily implemented due to the pandemic. Since we are living in a digital era, the focus we give now is for digital experience to our customers regarding our brand, to get to know more about the product, configurations, models. This pandemic has changed the market hugely. People who are consuming via the internet can now investigate more, check on reviews, and then decide when and how to buy. We try to follow this digital demand.

The perception of the brand has changed in the last months, how are you adapting the brand to the new trends?

There have been changes to the luxury market. From our point of view, I can say the level of consumption has increased, and we see younger people having more money than before. In Mexico, young entrepreneurs and investors have the resources earlier now. They are eager to leave a mark and ambitious. The culture of spending money has changed. This new generation spends more easily and is more detached. Many luxury markets have grown due to that. Limited products, handmade products, all differentials are exclusive to us, in our market. All details are taken care of, preparation, the welcoming in our stores, all the points that connect the brand to the consumer are well thought out.

What kind of positioning and market share has the brand here in Mexico?

We compete directly with many varieties of automobiles. Mercedes-Benz has high sales volume, and I can not give you information of market share relating to the exact product of theirs that compete with ours. In terms of positioning, we are leaders in luxury, exclusivity, and availability in the three most important cities of the country, with expansion plans.

How did the launch of hybrids go?

The brand is taking part in this movement, in this industry shift. This year we did launch our hybrid model, we are happy with the work made. We have designed a program called C-Level for company seniors. We get the customer well at the high level of employee. It is an interesting program which has allowed us to position the car well in the market; in fact, the equipment has a specific setup that a chief of operation needs: intelligent assistant, more elegant colors. That is why the program is directed toward this level of executives, who require these characteristics.

You did mention you are in Mexico’s main cities and plan to expand, where to?

Two new showrooms are on the radar, yet to be defined as the best place to be. In 2022, we will launch the new SUV, a medium one, which opens up for us a large new market. It has launched for one month in the US and it comes with a lot of technology in it. We will launch in the first quarter of 2022, so looking for a new market that fits this car also makes sense. Consumers are now more informed. You have to have the needed tools for these customers, much more connected, and find all information about the product to make a decision to buy. our showrooms have augmented reality. The corporate in Italy works alongside this. The image is complete, all providers of the showroom are Italian. So, the showrooms are top level, so I invite you to come and check it out.



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