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Khaled Saleem

JORDAN - Transport

Package Deal

Country Manager, DHL Jordan


Khaled Saleem has served with DHL Express for 20 years. He began working with DHL Jordan in 1999 as a customer service agent, then moved to DHL UAE in 2001 to spend the next six years moving into the positions of Customer Service Executive, Ground Operations Supervisor, and Customer Operations Implementation Manager. He returned to DHL Jordan in 2007 as Levant /Road Network Operations Manager where he served three years before taking the Country Operations Manager role in 2011. In 2016, Saleem was appointed Country Manager for DHL Express Jordan. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Mu’ta University in Jordan.

DHL, a worldwide package delivery and logistics service, is taking advantage of Jordan's location and the boom in e-commerce to deliver results for customers across the value chain.

Innovation is a defining part of DHL’s history. What innovative solutions are you implementing in Jordan?

Through strategic investments, developing our infrastructure, and enhancing our working environment, we have generated sustainable growth and continuous improvement across all functions of the business. As part of our global strategy, our first main focus area is the motivation of our employees. Developing our people and providing the best working environment results in motivated employees which ultimately leads to much higher levels of productivity, therefore ultimately delivering an improved and increased higher quality of service to our customers. It is these market leading high standards that ensure we control increased market share through higher levels of customer loyalty linked directly to our service offering, which therefore results in the longevity of a profitable business. In Jordan, we continue to build on our systems and infrastructure; this enables us to deliver the best possible on-time performance, which is our best sales tool ensuring we are constantly ahead of the competition and consistent benchmark for the industry. Our systems are developed so that our customers can easily integrate their systems with ours to deliver the best possible customer experience, and we continue to invest in our infrastructure, facilities, and fleet within the country.

How are you updating your infrastructure?

We recently launched a new state-of-the-art facility that is five times bigger than our previous facility. This is to address market demand, and part of the strategy to help grow our customers through the innovative solutions and services we offer. This new facility helps us prepare for future growth forecasts across all aspects of our service and solutions offering to include e-commerce. Additionally, our strategic partnerships with major airlines also help us continuously deliver market-leading services to our customers. As consumer demand in the market diversifies, we also need to be dynamic to accommodate ever-changing customer requirements through the solutions we offer. Having a wide range of innovative transportation offerings across our global DHL network enables us to maintain our position as the most international company in the world, and our extensive global network and the wide range of solutions we offer ensure we continuously meet customers’ expectations—it is very much our consistent on-time operational performance and commitment at the highest levels that fuel our growth.

What specific sectors or opportunities will drive future demand?

The geographical location of Jordan makes it an ideal location to facilitate trade in to the neighboring countries, many of which are now undergoing significant redevelopment following conflict. Countries such as Syria and Iraq rely on us to not only provide aid during challenging times but also help rebuild many areas within these countries. Customers will now require an integrator who can provide a sophisticated logistics network they can rely on, a network that enables global trade to not only Jordan but the surrounding region as well, and DHL will be in prime position to facilitate this global trade that will help rebuild nations.

What can we expect from DHL in 2019?

We will not stop investing in our people; this has been and will always be our best tool to support the growth of our business. We will also continue to build on our market leading infrastructure through investment as well as a key focus on developing innovative solutions to help grow our customers—once again enabling them to take their products globally. This will be achieved through a continuous focus on improving our on-time performance to ensure we maintain a market leading position. We operate one DHL network flight landing in Amman on a weekly basis, and we look to increase this frequency, resulting in more volumes. We will continue to offer our customers a range of products that support their growth and success. This means investment in our people, infrastructure, connectivity, and services.



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