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Nasser Al Jaidah

QATAR - Energy & Mining

Partner Of Choice

CEO, Qatar Petroleum International (QPI)


Nasser Al Jaidah currently holds the position of CEO and Board Member of Qatar Petroleum International, and is also a Board Member at Qatar Petroleum and Industries Qatar. In addition, he is a member of the Qatar Gas Board, Vice-Chairman of the Qatar Gas Executive Committee, Vice-Chairman of Qatar Fuel Additives Co., Vice-Chairman of Tasweeq, and a member of Industry Qatar. He is also a Board Member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), the American Association of Petroleum Geology (AAPG), and Member of the Provisional Arab Parliament.

How does the strong Qatari position in the global energy market help Qatar Petroleum International (QPI) in its mission to build an international investment portfolio? With the world’s third-largest proven […]

How does the strong Qatari position in the global energy market help Qatar Petroleum International (QPI) in its mission to build an international investment portfolio?

With the world’s third-largest proven conventional gas reserves, Qatar has successfully positioned itself as the leading global exporter of LNG. As the international investment arm of Qatar Petroleum (QP), QPI was founded with the aim of securing a multi-billion dollar portfolio of global investments with leading international companies by actively pursuing opportunities that enhance its portfolio diversification across the energy value chain. In other words, QPI was mandated to fulfil the critical role of incubator for QP by building a portfolio of assets and opportunities internationally. In anticipation of increasing competition in the global gas market and slowing growth in domestic oil and gas projects, through QPI’s global portfolio, QP is expanding its international presence in an effort to diversify Qatar’s economy by growing its downstream and petrochemical sectors. Furthermore, QPI’s alliances with partners who have appropriate technological expertise, as well as a proven track record, accentuates more opportunities and provides QP with a dynamic platform to position itself as a leading global energy player. There is huge political will for the Qatari oil and gas sector to move forward and internationalize, and this activity has so far been spearheaded by QPI. As a significant international energy investor QPI has carved a pivotal role for QP with the aim of promoting and advancing the interests of the State of Qatar in the global energy arena.

How would you characterize your current portfolio and in which segment do you want to increase your activities?

Since 2007 QPI has secured a multibillion-dollar portfolio of investment partnerships and joint ventures globally including within the UK, Italy, Greece, the US, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, Vietnam, Egypt, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and with other potential located around Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. The long-term goal is to develop infrastructure to support Qatar in maintaining its global market share. While QPI boasts a diversified investment portfolio, there has been great emphasis on upstream activities. QPI’s upstream focus has been on producing properties with development and exploration upsides in its target markets. The upstream segment is expected to constitute the majority of QPI’s future activities. The downstream segment on the other hand gives QPI the opportunity to diversify by going into the full stream of the energy value chain.

What is your method for overcoming the challenges that arise during projects that are located in underdeveloped industries?

QPI endorses comprehensive partnerships and stresses the importance of cooperation across all the projects and markets it operates in. As such, QPI aims to leverage its excellent relationships with countries that have similar interests to develop international investments with both national oil companies and international oil majors. The types of challenges we may encounter are naturally project specific. For example, site clearance may be one issue that may deter many foreign investors and is also a major concern for the project countries themselves as it creates a bottleneck that hinders FDI. We will continue to promote multilateral cooperation in the field of energy, and encourage dialogue. Our economic relations with underdeveloped countries will stimulate business and the cooperation environment in the field of energy as well as in other areas.

Is there an ambition to eventually develop into an international operator?

QPI has catalyzed QP’s ultimate ambition to become the number one NOC in overseas investment. Over the last few years, QPI has partnered with leading global players to form 10 joint ventures across four continents, creating strategic and commercially attractive international investments. QPI’s existing inter-governmental and IOC relationships will help leverage QP to become a partner and supplier of choice across the energy industry and eventually develop into a worldwide investor. QPI is proud to have strategically expanded and strengthened QP’s international investment portfolio. Our recent investment in Brazil represents a major achievement in our long-term partnership with Shell, as it is our first upstream investment in Latin America. This project is not just a noteworthy achievement for our organization; it brings significant future economic benefits to Qatar by strengthening and diversifying its energy supplies for generations to come. Offshore production is seen as another route for expansion. QPI has struck a series of agreements over the past few years to develop petrochemical production projects in Vietnam and Singapore, among other places. These projects will see Qatar provide feedstock for other offshore developments and help the country expand its profile along the global supply chain.



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