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Peter Diaz

PANAMA - Telecoms & IT

Peter Diaz

CEO, Maxia Latam


Peter Diaz is the founding partner of Vitae-In Home Health, a 100% Panamanian company that offers home medical services, and CEO of Maxia Latam, a seven-year-old company that develops activities to improve the quality of life of citizens and companies though IATS. He holds a degree in marketing and an MBA in quantitative science.

Peter Diaz, CEO of Maxia Latam, talks to TBY about improving the health system, reaction to the pandemic, and working with partners.

How is Maxia fostering “the perfect health system,” and how does the Panamanian society stand to benefit?

Over the past few years, we have notably advanced in terms of digital transformation, analytics and data science. We have been working on a pilot project called “The Perfect Health System.” Regarding to The Public Health System, we have been working with the Public Social Security System toward its full digital transformation from the ground up; all the way from processes to analytics and always focused on the patient. There has been no staff reduction and a strong team of great individuals has been built. Good service delivery depends on a close understanding of the ’Ecosystem’; that is, the interactions that the patient has at the pharmacy, getting scans or lab-work. It is also about leveraging all the information available across several systems. It’s been a fascinating process; the data science and analytics models that we’ve been working on to make this happen are simply remarkable. The perfection model is something that applies to all of us as citizens; we receive different services, so you need to leverage innovation; that is the key word. I see Panama and the talent that we have. Sure, we can become a hub; but I see the potential of our country in terms of innovation similar as ecosystems such as Silicon Valley; however, we still need to be more innovative in terms of R&D.

How will the recent worldwide paradigm shift affect Panama in the long run?

The main lesson is that mankind prevailed during this crisis. The lockdowns proved to be necessary, however, undesirable. We are working on other initiatives, focusing on people, transformation, innovation and cross-functioning mindsets. I have hope in our country’s future generations. Yet we, as a country, need to leverage more. This is an important change, a paradigm shift, because we don’t see ourselves as something more than a hub—we have great logistics, the geographical position of Panama which is being leveraged well. Our biggest change since 2019 has been what everybody is talking about today: digital transformation and analytics. We have been working with that for many years now. The value of information, not just storing it but its interrelation, offers many possibilities. We have it, but we don’t leverage it; we don’t think too much about it and we work mostly as a silo model.

What differentiating factor does Maxia offer to its partners and why is the company a main player in the sector?

The biggest thing for us is to become partners to our clients. These are the relationships or interactions that we nurture with our partners. We have a common objective that we need to work towards- Our modus operandi is particularly sui generis in nature. If you have data science, we think like data scientists in terms of acquiring information, software development, processes, etc. And we have all that available here in Maxia. We do consulting, we offer a service, a solution, or an evolution process along with our clients, our partners.



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