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Managing Director, Quantum Global Solutions


Peter Murphy was instrumental in establishing Quantum Global Solutions (QGS) in 2007 and is the Managing Director overseeing the continued growth and expansion of the company both regionally and internationally. His international experience, spanning over 25 years in the project engineering and management fields, has enabled him to lead the region’s most dynamic and successful consultancy, offering a range of commercial, contractual, planning, and innovative media services to the construction industry.

How would you describe some of the key achievements for Quantum Global Solutions over the past few years? Following a period of restructuring, we relaunched as Quantum Global Solutions (QGS) […]

How would you describe some of the key achievements for Quantum Global Solutions over the past few years?

Following a period of restructuring, we relaunched as Quantum Global Solutions (QGS) in mid-2014, which reflected our growth in new geographical locations. QGS is working extensively in the Middle East with our clients and their projects across the GCC, serviced from our regional offices in Doha, Dubai, Riyadh, and Amman. Outside of the Middle East, we have teams operating in Europe, the US, and Asia, managed out of our offices in Istanbul, Chicago, and Hong Kong. This expansion was primarily driven through client demand and as a company we have grown by around 20% over the last 12 months and expect this trend to continue.

How would you rate the success of your unique multimedia platform, and to what extent does it give you a competitive edge in the market?

As part of an array of strategies to deliver early settlement of claims and disputes, one unique method QGS uses to trigger negotiations and avoid protracted disputes is through the use of fully animated movie presentations using creative and dynamic multimedia techniques. It is a fact that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, and our brain processes visual images 60,000 times faster than text. As the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words. To leverage this fact, QGS has developed an in-house media team specifically dedicated to the preparation of movies and interactive presentations used to demonstrate construction claim entitlements. When utilized in this way, media is particularly useful for making presentations to employers’ senior management, the key decision makers who do not necessarily have the time to read and digest the large volumes of narrative accompanying many claim submissions. Media can be used to present issues clearly, concisely, and with a focused message aligned to the desired outcomes. QGS has used media extensively on complex disputes and this has proven to be very effective in securing decisions with positive results. Our focus is to encourage dialogue, to take the emotion out of the subject, and get people to talk. Clarity, focus, and resolution is our philosophy, which is enabled through the use of dynamic media.

How much does international growth represent your overall strategy to develop QGS?

Qatar is our headquarters and our primary market with 75% of our operations. Qatar’s population has more than quadrupled in the last 15 years and is expected to continue to increase for the foreseeable future. This rapid growth leaves continued demand for services across all sectors. From a business perspective, with its stable political system and a solid platform of growth supported by the country’s energy sector, Qatar is one of the most prosperous and vibrant countries in the world to do business. Remarkable opportunities exist for professional organizations, which have been greatly enhanced by Qatar being chosen to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022. QGS is a recognized and trusted brand locally, regionally, and internationally. Our success is based on client satisfaction, repeat calls, and reputation. Our growth has been driven through the demands of our clients, who also operate on a global basis. The balance 25% of our operations outside of Qatar is spread 15% elsewhere in the Middle East and the remaining 10% covering our global operations.

In terms of Qatar, how important is the 2022 FIFA World Cup and Qatar’s National Vision 2030 to the overall growth of the local construction market?

The QNV2030 provides a clear picture of how this amazing country will develop across all sectors. Qatar’s hosting of the FIFA World Cup in 2022 fully aligns with this ambitious national journey of human development and sustainable economic diversification that seeks a secure future for all its people, built on human capital rather than its finite hydrocarbon resources. These steps build on Qatar’s strong international presence in the fields of energy, media, and sports. According to recent reports, Qatar plans to increase spending on major projects by around 20%, including the $7 billion New Doha Port project, the allocation of $20 billion toward the construction of roadways and highways, and the construction of eight stadiums at an estimated cost of over $32 billion, some of which are being built afresh, while others are to be refurbished. Our role will keep pace with the market and as the volume of projects grows, there is an increased requirement for our services across the board. The implementation of fast track major projects will include change to suit developing requirements and coordination with other developments. Project change results in additional time and cost and our role is to support the client and the contractor to avoid dispute and encourage amicable resolutions.

Looking forward, what are your expectations for QGS, specifically in the year ahead?

We are partnering with our clients in Qatar on key infrastructure projects including railways, roads, airports, and the new port as well as numerous energy, industrial, healthcare, educational, commercial, and residential projects. In terms of QGS, we will continue to grow in line with the demand from our customers in Qatar and throughout the Gulf. We are probably looking at a minimum 20% growth year on year for the next few years.



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