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Director General, Grupo Dicas


Arturo Quirarte is the General Director of Grupo Dicas and a member of the Dicas Family Council. He is currently in charge of various Dicas subsidiaries related to technology, construction, real estate, and energy and is the president of the board of directors of Technological Institute of Petroleum and Energy. He graduated with a bachelor of administration from the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM) and is certified in senior management by the Pan American Institute of Senior Business Management (IPADE).

Grupo Dicas is exploring opportunities throughout Mexico in various sectors ahead of ambitious growth projections.

Why have you focused on economic development in the southeast?

We are convinced that now is the moment for the southeast peninsula, not only because the new federal administration is directing substantial resources to that region, but also because Quintana Roo, in particular, has been the tourism engine of the country for many years, and is a beacon for all businessmen and investors in the Peninsula of Yucatán. There are extraordinary spaces ready for development because there is a great deal of talented, well-prepared, and capable people available. We have also had an excellent regional government. Security is also a strong added value as it provides extraordinary conditions for continued development, investment, and trust in what we do.

In which key sectors are you investing?

We have made a serious commitment in the energy industry by investing in the development of talent in the sector through our university, ITPE. We also invested in a small oil services company that has become a vital technological component and bet heavily on the real estate sector, which has performed solidly in the region, particularly in Cancún and Mérida.

Why is it a great moment to invest in the energy sector?

The private sector had the possibility of investing in energy for the first time, and we decided to enter the sector with great confidence. Currently, there is a particularly ambitious energy sector budget in place from the federal government. The sector is clearly among the priorities for this government. There will be an investment in Pemex, CFE, and the possibility of private-sector participation to strengthen the major players’ value chain. Energy investments also allow us to move more easily into other regions of the country. We are exploring opportunities throughout Mexico. We are also keen to link up with other universities and research centers throughout Mexico and are already achieving this. We already have links with the IPN and UNAM. We are linked with national and international companies, and all this makes us highly dynamic. We have operations in Tabasco, Veracruz, Tamaulipas, and the city of Mexico. Our university is motivating more students to choose Mérida as their new home. Many students are considering ITPE for the training of specialized human resources in the sector. Today, we have 200 students with an ambitious growth projection. We are set to grow by between 25% and 30% in recruitment in contrast to 2018.

What projects are you collaborating on in the real estate and construction sector?

The group has participated in a large real estate company that has seen the issuance of a CKD in the Mexican Stock Exchange through our president Emilio Dí­az. The group seeks to have a portfolio of medium-sized projects, particularly in Mérida and Playa del Carmen. Soon we will undertake a project in the Yucatán Riviera. We will offer a product of the highest value and level for locals and visitors who like to enjoy Progreso and offer added value, as there are no luxury resorts in this beach town.

What is your vision for the southeast of Mexico?

There are extraordinary opportunities in development. The additional investment that the federal government is set to make will detonate the region’s economy. Large companies are looking to the southeast, which means employment, investment, and development. We have great faith in the energy sector. Yucatán has always been isolated from the rest of the country on the energy issue, and we face a major challenge with natural gas. We hope to collaborate with the authorities to work on this. We expect investments in gas pipelines and fuel storage terminals. Yucatán will register the highest growth in the country. We are making investments in storage because the country needs the capacity, especially now that the authorities are paying attention to energy security. For that, storage is crucial.



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