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Miguel Angel Herrera Garzón

Managing Director, Burson Marsteller

Lennart Rodriguez

Manager, Canal tr3ce

TBY talks to two industry leaders on the major milestones of the companies, areas of focus, and economic developments in the country.

What have been the company’s key milestones since it was established?

LENNART RODRIGUEZ Canal tr3ce has achieved significant financial success by developing three distinct lines of business. The first is a production company within the network, which provides services to government entities and private companies, which benefit from an existing technical capability and talent pool. We generate the entire concept, develop the audiovisual product, and launch it on social media. Our second line of business is event organization and planning, as there is high demand for government institutions and private companies for events that can impact their image and develop their brand recognition. We work with enterprises to develop their promotional strategy. When the concept is approved, we organize the event and carry out the strategic campaign. The third line of business is related to digital content. We reach more the 11 million viewers, and are up to date with new technology and it is important that content is broadcast widely. Studies show that children, adolescents, and parents no longer simply watch TV shows for an hour or so, but instead continually switch between media. In response, we design content according to the client’s requests, and transmit it through digital pathways, creating a small piece, which has almost the same impact as a 30 or 50-minute broadcast. These lines of business render us self-sufficient, and allow us to produce high quality content on our platforms, and ultimately improve the creation of our digital content. Our goal is to establish digital land broadcasting.

MIGUEL ANGEL HERRERA GARZÓN Burson Marsteller arrived in Colombia in 1997, having opened offices throughout Latin America in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Venezuela. We started working through our network, because we have a group that is well established in this country. This group is composed of several companies such as JWT, Thompson, Albury, and General Wika—we were the first multinational group in this industry to enter Colombia. We have proven successful in Latin America and are in our fourth consecutive year as the leading division in terms of growth in that market; we are outperforming Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. The primary reason we were able to register rapid and stable growth was the strength of the Colombian economy, which politically speaking is indeed stable, especially when compared to our neighbours. The second factor is related to our changing strategy; historically, ours was a low profile company highly dependent upon our brand, and, hence, expected clients to approach us.

Which subjects other than the convergence of technologies are you working on today?

LR We have certain principal categories. The first is technology, where we focus on correct use, and develop content that promotes the appropriate utilization of technological advances. We have created a number of programs with this format, including IATIC, Viajeros 3.0, En ti confio, and Vive digital, among others. The second category is the construction of values. We are firm believers that values should be encouraged from a young age. We promote messages of tolerance, respect, and responsibility during the education process, to ensure the development of better citizens. The third category is related to entertainment such as music and other forms of leisure, such that children and young people spend their free time with positive alternatives to the temptations of substance abuse. We work with schools and universities to create this content in the best manner possible. We also have periodicals, which target a broader audience. Music is the strong suite in this category, and we leverage the format to educate. Our content is not similar to the music video shows on other networks, because we take a historic approach to music that appeals to both a young and older audience.

How has the company adapted in light of the economic development of Colombia?

MAHG Colombia is currently on a major public affairs offensive; keen to have its voice heard on major platforms such as the OECD, and is working with public agendas, policies, and commitments. Because of rising national prosperity the nation needs a better regulatory framework across its industrial matrix. It is essential in this context for our clients to know how to operate, and best shape the agenda most relevant to them. The fact that clients often lack the internal knowledge or capabilities to shape such agendas prompted us to create the Public Affairs Group, comprising professionals from government and trade associations, who know the language, have the contacts and experience with government, and are ready to help our clients to share the public agenda.



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