The Business Year

Christos Adamopoulos

Country Head Kazakhstan, Central Asia & Caucasus, Sony

Sony Kazakhstan is marketing the entire range of products without exception. Our priorities are determined from the market size and our share within the market. Hence, TVs will always be a larger business line than voice recording devices, even though one may enjoy a 50% market share with the latter product, while for TVs one’s share is at 5%. Therefore, in terms of product range, we encompass all segments of the market by presenting the full complement of products. The Sony product range is, more or less, about home entertainment; it comprises TVs, home theater devices, and the PlayStation 4. Other important products for us are cameras—both fixed lens, changeable lens—handycams, and action cams. Action cams, as they are called, can be carried around and are very light cameras with a good battery life, meaning they are perfect for sport activities. Tablets and phones are not just things you carry with you, but are also the heart and core of connectivity. Near-field communication (NFC) technology is something that we are implementing in an increasing range of products. All new phones and tablets are NFC enabled, including many of the TV and audio products, which have wireless speakers.

Choi Seung Sik

President, Samsung Kazakhstan & Central Asia

Our commitment to bringing innovative technological solutions to our consumers has earned us eighth position in Interbrand’s Top Best Global Brands report in 2013, as well as global leadership in the TV, smartphone, and semiconductor markets. As far as Kazakhstan is concerned, we continued our market leadership in 2013, securing the number-one position in the following categories: panel TVs (over 40% market share), digital smart cameras (almost 30%), monitors (almost 30%), microwave ovens (over 40%), refrigerators (over 30%), vacuum cleaners (approximately 50%), as well as the smartphone (almost 60%), and tablet (over 50%) markets led by our flagship models such as the Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3, and Galaxy Tab 10.1 2014 edition. Evidently, no business can achieve long-term success relying solely on its products. Samsung cherishes the expertise and knowledge of our Kazakhstani partners as well as the loyalty, forward-thinking nature, and sophistication of the local consumer.

Yaroslav Vinogradov

Country Manager, Yaroslav Vinogradov

In a highly competitive environment our Consumer Lifestyle team managed to win and sustain leadership positions in a number of key categories. In the first three quarters of 2013, we demonstrated positive share growth and secured leading positions in personal care and beauty products, garment care (irons and steam generators), as well as continued progressive evolution in an important segment for us, namely kitchen appliances (handblenders, multicookers, meatmincers, juicers, and other appliances).



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