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The pandemic has only reinforced the importance of insurance and the need for the sector to develop innovative solutions that will best serve the interests of society.

Martim Costa Duarte

Executive Board Member, Costa Duarte

Costa Duarte is a family-owned business, already in its fourth generation, and the core business is exclusive focused in insurance and risk management related matters, providing services as insurance consultants and brokers. Costa Duarte is an independent broker, 100% Portuguese, and it is one of the market leaders in the insurance sector. Since 1921, Costa Duarte has been acquiring expertise and capabilities in several areas of insurance-related services mainly but not limited to property and casualty risks, employee benefits, credit and bonds, motor fleet management, affinities, cyber risks, public procurement and claims management for Portuguese and multinational corporate clients. Costa Duarte has been servicing its clients around the world through strategic alliances with international partners. Our clients require and expect the highest level of service and advice, and this remains the main focus and priority of the team. We are committed to providing a service of excellence to our clients, partners, and stakeholders to help the sector continue to evolve.

Rogério Dias

Managing Director, Verspieren

Our mission is to better respond to the increasingly sophisticated needs of our national and international clients, regarding risk management and the implementation of insurance solutions. We have strengthened our global service’s offering and have acquired an increased negotiation capacity, shaped by our foundations: the 2019 merger between Mediator and Credite-EGS, two well recognized insurance brokers; and belonging to a multinational group as solid as the Verspieren Group, created in 1880, and which includes 21 companies in France dedicated to insurance brokerage and consultancy. We are committed to the digital way of doing business and to leverage the brand on the Portuguese market: upskilling and reskilling are fundamental to better prepare our teams for the digital transformation, the changing future and the always evolving customers. In the short term, we are focused on creating a new sales team. In the medium term, we are developing a new organizational culture to prepare our organization for the future.

Pedro Carvalho

CEO, Pedro Carvalho

Generali Seguros, as part of Generali Group, is currently the second-largest player in the property and casualty insurance market in Portugal, with a market share of 18.81%, offering a wide range of policies addressed to individuals and businesses, sold mainly under the historic brand Tranquilidade. Founded over 150 years ago, and adopting a multi-channel distribution strategy, which can count on the largest network of agents in Portugal (representing approximately 70% of the company’s total premiums), brokers, and a direct channel. Innovation and digitalization are in Tranquilidade’s DNA. We quickly responded to the pandemic and the lockdown, “reinventing” our business and adapting to the challenging environment such as offering telemedicine and remote physiotherapy to our customers, having first-mover advantage in offering COVID-19 specific protection to SMEs, and fully digitalizing our communication channels (chatbot, WhatsApp, mobile app), including claims settlement, all this whilst integrating three insurance companies.

Steven Braekeveldt

CEO, Ageas Portugal

The Ageas Portugal Group’s ecosystem is strong and has numerous service and product offerings with a presence in a wide range of distribution channels. Grupo Ageas Portugal had a market share of 16.4%, in 2021, reinforced when compared to 2020, with premium growth above the market. Innovation is a key determinant of business success and is in the DNA of the Ageas Portugal Group and its brands, as exemplified by the creation of the first private network of health providers with Médis, or the first insurer to market car insurance by phone and internet through Seguro Directo. The insurance industry has a great deal of space for innovation, which is challenging. We have numerous projects such as, for example, the Impact School, an entrepreneurship and social innovation program that the Fundação Ageas has in partnership with Impact Hub Lisbon. I would also highlight the Ageas Innovation Hackathon initiative in partnership with Nova SBE that challenges university students to find innovative solutions to real cases related to the world of insurance.



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