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CEO, Consorcio Constructor e Inmobiliario Pegaso (CCIPSA)


Juventino Cetino Grepo has worked at several firms in varying positions, including Fenoquimia, Industries Resistol, and SADMX. He is currently the CEO of Consorcio Constructor e Inmobiliario Pegaso (CCIPSA).

TBY talks to Juventino Cetino Grepo, CEO of Consorcio Constructor e Inmobiliario Pegaso (CCIPSA), on highlights in 2014, opportunities for energy reform, and the maritime port business.

What were the highlights for CCIPSA of 2014?

Last year was a positive one, especially in terms of urban fractioning/parcellation. We completed Veracruz’s urban fractioning, where we invested over $33 million. In 2014, we also started the Hilton Garden Inn. These undertakings created over 900 direct jobs—over 300 were permanent contracts. Regarding the private sector, we had a strong focus on industrial parks. For example, in the plastics sector, we invested over $400,000 in Veracruz. We saw a positive performance in public works, in the oil and gas sector with Pemex and marine loading arms. We also took a step forward in the oil wells segment in Tabasco with gas injection compressors.

What opportunities does the energy reform bring to CCIPSA and other such organizations?

The reform has comprehensive benefits, with quality, service ,and investment being the main aspects to highlight. The energy reform should make us more competitive as a country and, most importantly, increase quality levels in the sector.

What are the competitive advantages of partnering with CCIPSA?

Our main competitive advantage is our level of professionalism. In tourism, we own some of the best properties for hotels, and also in the industrial segment. In the public works segment, we encourage cooperation with foreign partners and boost the presence of new technologies and the transfer of know-how. As a company we also monitor the market to understand its dynamics and adapt our strategies to changing conditions. This also means that we conduct comprehensive research and feasibility studies before embarking upon new projects.

What currently are the key operating segments for CCIPSA and what is your outlook for the near future?

We have four business lines, starting with engineering for construction and projects, which serves both the public and private sectors. In this context, the main driver is urban and industrial fractioning. Oil and gas is another business line. We have a strong focus on liquefied gas, and gas and steam injection into oil wells. Real estate is another of our business lines. This is a strategic line for us, because we focus on rural and urban properties and the transformation of the former. Finally, We manage business partnerships and alliances with other companies. The more companies we know, the more people we can train. Human resources are one of our main assets as a company and we take care of our employees, implementing bonus systems and other such initiatives that make them feel that they are a part of CCIPSA. At the moment, we have around 1,200 employees.

What measures is CCIPSA implementing to take advantage of expected growth in the constructions sector?

One of our main priorities is to develop competitive products. This will enable us to increase investment and generate job opportunities. If we minimize costs, we will also increase quality and I believe we will be able to grasp the opportunities that the sector promises. In this context, the government does its job with the reinvestment of taxes, also boosting the worker/consumer part of the equation.

What is the potential for maritime port infrastructure?

We are building the Salina Cruz port, which is now 60% complete. We have also submitted a bid for the Progreso port. We foresee even more investment potential in the area of Salina Cruz, in the industrial area surrounding the port. The Federal Government has an expected investment budget through Pemex in that area of around $12 billion.

What is your outlook for the economy of Veracruz for the coming few years?

Industry in Veracruz will grow rapidly, driven especially by the investment of one particular company. There is potential in infrastructure and real estate, two segments that require investment in road and rail, as well as in housing. Increases in industrial activity translate into more jobs, which means higher demand for housing. CCIPSA has already taken steps in this direction. We have purchased land in Coatzacoalcos on which to build an industrial zone, and also in a railway for the loading and unloading of vessels servicing import and export activities.



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