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Eduardo López Robayo

ECUADOR - Energy & Mining

Power of Collaboration



Eduardo López Robayo assumed his current position in 2010 and has been instrumental in the company’s global ventures since then. Previously, he was appointed Constitutional Representative of the President of the Republic of Ecuador and the Board of Directors of Petroecuador in 2003. In 2004, he became Minister of Energy and Mining. Robayo has a degree in commercial engineering from the Universidad Javeriana, Ecuador. He also studied geology, mining, petroleum, and environment while pursuing a degree in petroleum negotiation management in the engineering department of the Central University of Ecuador.

SERTECPET sees opportunities in Ecuador's initiative toward clean energies, especially new energies.

How has your experience developed in recent years?

We have started to focus more on innovation and scientific development. These are important steps and strategies in a world that demands new technologies not only in terms of social responsibility and care for the environment, but also in relation to the cyclicality of fluctuating oil and gas prices. To be competitive in this market, we are obliged to offer a much cheaper solution. The only way to develop a competitive product and service in the market is through innovation. We expand through the added value we offer, as well as our differentiating products. The company was the result of our experience in the area of hydraulic pumping with patented technology from the US, Russia, and Canada. This experience allowed us to take on new challenges, not only the bottom side of the well but also to incorporate integral solutions on the surface, which means design, construction, and early operations for onshore or offshore installations. The knowledge acquired over 28 years allows us to assume the new challenge of developing new energy projects. SERTECPET wants to focus on hydroelectric, geothermal, wind, and solar projects. For this, we have made essential alliances with important centers of science and technology throughout the world. For example, we have an agreement with the University of Bologna, the University of Edinburgh, and MIT. Today, in the era of digitalization and climate change, the world requires lower-cost sources of energy that encompass, in turn, the entire energy spectrum. Our strategy is to collaborate with the winners and the most important companies and institutions to have corporate value and competitive advantages.

What are the main developments in the sector currently?

Our specialty is oil. The country’s commitments determine the opportunities presented in the clean energy and new energy sectors in Ecuador to the UN regarding climate change, as well as the country’s success in taking advantage of its natural resources. We have essential solar work related to the luminance capacity per day. In the same way, we have significant areas to apply wind energy; furthermore, the country is in a volcanic zone, which is a great development opportunity for geothermal projects. Ecuador can take a step toward clean energies, more specifically in new energies. When SERTECPET decided to make the leap, it saw the capabilities and environmental possibilities of Ecuador. On the other hand, we have to look for ways to create synergies between the state and attracting investment capital with projects presented to the government as part of new energy solutions. We have a large hydroelectric capacity installed; however, in times of drought, plants cannot perform at maximum capacity. Wind and solar energy can compensate for this situation, as they now offer cheap solutions. We collaborate with solar panel manufacturers, wind turbine manufacturers, and companies specialized in drilling and geothermal energy production. We have an impressive infrastructure and installation capacity that allows us to serve any market, be it oil, gas, or other energies. We can design and manufacture tools and equipment for any of these industries.

How have you transformed from an EPC contractor into a technology provider?

We still serve the oil sector; however, we manage other projects to provide integrated solutions in different independent areas. In Ecuador, the only thing that makes a difference is that all stakeholders share the same ideal of working together to design a long-term vision to build a first world country. SERTECPET follows that thought and seeks the best technology, human talent, processes, infrastructure, and international business model. For example, in 2017, the company received the Ibero-American Quality Award because our business model was comparable to Malcolm Baldrige’s model in the US. To be a competitive country, Ecuador needs to develop multinational companies. When SERTECPET collaborates with other countries, our goal is to improve the general value, and that is our secret weapon.



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