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Prasoon Dubey

UAE, UAE, ABU DHABI - Industry

Prasoon Dubey

Chief Commercial Officer, AJ Steel Pipes


Prasoon Dubey has over 18-plus years’ experience in the areas of business management, sales and marketing, and international trade across industry verticals. Before assuming the role of Chief Commercial Officer of AJ Steel Pipes, he was AGM – exports at Tata Steel BSL Limited (formerly Bhushan Steel Limited), manager – exports at Surya Global Steel Tubes Limited, and senior executive oil and gas vertical – exports at ISMT Ltd. He holds an MBA in marketing and human resources and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

"The company started in 2006 when the local industry required pipes that were being imported at the time."
AJ Steel Pipes focuses on local production to help the UAE become self-sufficient and offers a range of services to industries including firefighting, oil and gas, water and irrigation, construction, piling, and general purpose.
AJ Steel Pipes has been redefining infrastructure since its establishment in 2006. What is the company’s primary mission, and what range of services does it provide?

The company started in 2006 when the local industry required pipes that were being imported at the time. The company focused on local production to supply the local market, and we have been on a long journey with the same motivation. All new investments are based on that particular ideology: ensuring local production and helping the country become self-sufficient. In terms of our product portfolio, we cater to multiple industries including firefighting, oil and gas, water and irrigation, construction, piling, and general purpose.

ADNOC recently signed a deal with AJ Steel Pipes to support its manufacturing push and the “Made it in the Emirates” initiative. What is the basis of this agreement?

If one does not cater to the oil and gas industry here, they cannot survive in this business for long. Our goal was to have a product that serves the oil and gas sector, thereby serving the nation. That is why we came up with a new facility that can add oil and gas supplies to our product portfolio. We have started a new 20-inch line and high-frequency ERW welding, which is particularly different from normal welding technology and provides almost 30% savings. We approached ADNOC with this product in a bid to introduce new technologies and industries to the UAE. ADNOC conducted its own studies into our technology and ran some tests on our product. It also surveyed the market, especially because the US is using ERW in oil and gas, while neighboring countries like Oman and Saudi Arabia are using welded pipes. We have since acquired the approval from ADNOC as well to produce other oil and gas products like line pipe and oil country tubular goods (OCTG).

How much importance does AJ Steel Pipes place on human capital development such as recruitment and training of its employees?

AJ Steel Pipes has always been extremely particular about its production lines, testing and manufacturing equipment, and human resources. If we combine all the experience of our personnel in the oil and gas industry and pipe manufacturing, we have almost around 80 years. That differentiates us from others and can be seen in the products themselves in terms of their quality. We emphasize high-tech equipment, especially our new line flexible forming machine (FFX), the one and only line in the region with this technology. With FFX, there is less manual intervention and better quality. We are also aligning ourselves toward Industry 4.0 and embedding new systems in place.

The UAE’s Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology aims to enhance the industrial sector’s role in the national economy. What is Ajmal Steel’s view on the outlook for the sector?

Industries are now thriving and more competitive with greater use of technology. Everyone understands this and is aligning themselves accordingly toward new technologies. The government and the various ministries are all taking initiative, so that companies can be sustainable on various fronts and can compete against the new technologies coming from Europe or Southeast Asia. The UAE’s approach is to ensure products from the UAE are produced from a company with the latest technology in the world.

What are Ajmal Steel’s major upcoming projects and main objectives for 2023?

We are upgrading our existing mills and production lines in line with Industry 4.0. We are also expanding by having all the latest technology and equipment for manufacturing and testing. We have a major project coming up, a 24-inch line ERW welded pipeline. Right now, there are sizes available up to 20 inch, and our competitors will soon come close to 20 inches, so we are moving ahead with 24 inch. There is also a demand for large diameter pipes so we are going ahead with mills spiral helical building pipelines.



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