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Altay Nabiyev

KAZAKHSTAN - Health & Education

Preventative Care

Chairman of the Executive Board, Republican Diagnostic Center


Altay Nabiyev graduated from Semipalatinsk State Medical Institute in 1982. During 2009-11 he occupied the posts of Director for the Department of Strategic Development and Business Planning, and Head of the Department for Strategic Management and Quality Management. Since 2014 he has been Chairman of the Executive Board of Republican Diagnostic Center.

TBY talks to Altay Nabiyev, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Republican Diagnostic Center, on the national healthcare sector, preventative care, and global health cooperation networks.

How do you evaluate the healthcare sector in Kazakhstan?

Despite the global economic crisis, under the support from the government of Kazakhstan our country retains its state financing of the healthcare system and other socially significant programs. The programs that are being implemented in the country, including the government Salamatty Kazakhstan project, have positive effects on the dynamics of the public health index, which has been steadily improving through recent years. In today’s Kazakhstan we can witness steady progress in the implementation of innovative policies for healthcare system. Modern medical science shows strong tendencies towards increased technological and innovation advancements. Because of important scientific discoveries, we are gaining access to highly precise medical technologies for diagnostics and treatment of various diseases. This enables us to significantly improve the quality of medical services, as well as playing an important role in allowing our patients to receive treatment in their own country, instead of going abroad.

How does the Republican Diagnostic Center affect the development of healthcare sector?

Today, the Republican Diagnostic Center is one of the most modern medical establishments of similar profile in the country. The Republican Diagnostic Center is an investment project, implemented by order from the president of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev according to the decision of the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The building was constructed by the building Mabco Constructions S.A. (Albania) in 2008, in accordance with their high quality standards. The center is equipped with innovative technological facilities—manufactured in leading countries, in Europe and the USA and Japan—in line with the global technological standards. Every year, our Center conducts diagnostics for over 50,000 patients, 65% of whom arrive from outside the capital.

How do you help to disseminate the information about preventive and prophylactic oncological treatment?

As of today, cancer is the second most common cause of death, after circulatory diseases. Every year the country discovers over 33,000 new cases of cancer, primarily breast cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, and skin cancer. The government is financing a separate program for the development of oncological treatment, mainly designed to target early diagnostics of cancer diseases. Every year, our citizens undergo medical review for possible cancer diagnosis, and if the disease is discovered they have to undergo a complex test to determine the latent form of cancer, which can also involve intrusive tests in the regional medical facilities. The third level of diagnostics the patient can undergo in the Republican Diagnostic Center. In this way, full and timely medical inspection gives us the maximal chances to reveal the disease in its early stage and begin the treatment.

How are you investing in the development of global cooperation networks in order to provide a higher quality of medical services?

The Center works persistently on developing our global network. We have established important connections with medical centers around the world, in such countries as Germany, Belgium, Italy, USA, Turkey, Austria, Russia, and South Korea. Throughout the entire period of our activity more than 120 specialists have studied and went through study abroad programs. Through the mediation of Nazarbayev University, our Center has established relationships with Duke University and University of Pittsburg in the US. In order to ensure the exchange of knowledge and technologies, we are organizing a whole range of workshops and science conferences, focusing on priority development goals of our Center. Up to today, we have organized over 35 workshops.



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