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Sergio Alva

MEXICO - Health & Education

Preventive and Personalized Healthcare

CEO, Cenegenics Elite Health


Sergio Alva has an aeronautical engineering degree and a postgraduate in business administration and business development. He has a background in corporate consulting in the US, Mexico, and Latin America. Alva has experience in financial engineering and professional sales management. He was previously CEO and President of ALKEN Investments.

TBY talks to Sergio Alva, CEO of Cenegenics Elite Health on Health and Education sector.

What main trends have you identified in Mexico’s anti-aging market?

Cenegenics Elite Health was developed 30 years ago with the vision of promoting preventive and personalized healthcare. Our main focus is to maintain an optimal quality of life as long as possible. With this vision, Cenegenics has been developing the Elite Health program since its foundation. Our specialty is researching all the factors that affect human health, including the environment. Chronic degenerative diseases afflict every country. Mainly these diseases develop due to a change in lifestyle; people no longer walk, exercise, eat properly, and sleep well. These things reduce our endurance capacity. That is why chronic degenerative diseases begin to appear at an earlier age. Unfortunately, we have observed that developments in medicine leads to more degenerative diseases. The goal of Cenegenics is to prevent the appearance of these diseases.

How do you plan to expand?

The center in Mexico was our first outside the US. We have already consolidated the market for four years and now we will start expanding. In 2019, we opened in Monterrey and we are planning to open two more in 2019. At present, we have almost 300 patients and we expect to have 450 by end-2019. Outside Mexico, we are developing a center in Colombia. Also, we plan to open in Greece, the UK, Vietnam, and Nairobi.

What kind of programs are you planning to launch for young people?

We have identified that people aged between 20 and 35 have a lot of interest in health. One program is Elite Health Youth, and we have another corporate program that will focus on executives who live under daily stress. Stress generates inflammation and inflammation generates chronic and degenerative diseases. At Cenegenics, we are developing a specific program for that and it will be launched in August 2019. This youth program was created initially for Mexico, but we will take it to the other centers around the world.



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