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Jorge Alberto Campillo

COLOMBIA - Transport

Private and charter flights

President, Searca


Jorge Alberto Campillo has been a pilot since the age of 19. He founded Searca in 1992 and has been leading the chartered flight market in Colombia ever since.

TBY talks to Jorge Alberto Campillo, President of Searca.

How has the market for private and charter flights in Colombia evolved since Searca started its operations?
We had a humble beginning helping the medical and social security sector with a health program in Urabá. We experienced moderated growth until the year 2000, after which there was greater national security, a result of which was oil companies wanting to return to the country. The growing oil and mining sector became the biggest piece of our operation. At that time, we started investing in 19 passenger-pressurized aircraft that could go to all the destinations required by these companies. Due to high demand, we added four aircraft per year for seven years in a row, which resulted in our current fleet of 30 aircrafts.

How has the evolution of the oil sector affected the need for private and charter flights?
As a result of the growing demand from the oil sector, we increased the number and versatility of our fleet with larger, faster, pressurized aircrafts. 10 years ago, we started with executive jets and Hawkers 400 for eight people. Seven years ago, we added two Gulfstreams for longer flights to Europe and Africa. We give executives the possibility of not losing time at airports by reducing the amount of connections and waiting time. These advantages make the cost of private jets worth it when considering the opportunity cost and gains in efficiency.



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