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Khalid Al-Emadi

CEO, Al Ahli Hospital

Dr. Volkan Uygunucarlar

Managing Partner & CEO, Turkish Hospital

How do you encourage people to receive treatment in Qatar rather than Europe? KHALID AL-EMADI This is one of our main strategic plans in implementing our new facilities. The facility […]

How do you encourage people to receive treatment in Qatar rather than Europe?

KHALID AL-EMADI This is one of our main strategic plans in implementing our new facilities. The facility is going to be a large polyclinic, spread over an area of 4,500sqm with 13 clinics and a care center that will be open 24 hours, seven days per week. The facility will include internal medicine, pediatric, and obstetrics/gynecology. It will have an urgent walk-in unit, laboratory, service radiology department, and dental clinic. Also, the hospital is currently looking at expansions in the northern part of Qatar. Emphasizing that Al Ahli Hospital is the largest private hospital in Qatar supporting healthcare growth, our contribution to serving Qatar’s population under Seha was also significant. We served 35-40% of the Qatari population under that scheme, while the remaining 65% was taken care of by other hospitals, including those of Hamad Medical Corporation. When the Seha scheme was initially launched, there was a total shift of guests from other private hospitals to Al Ahli Hospital. We reached 100% occupancy at least four days a week during those days.

DR. VOLKAN UYGUNUCARLAR The concept of Turkish Hospital started in response to the necessity of people from the GCC to travel to Turkey for first-class health and medical care. We believe everyone should be able to get treated in his or her own country, even if is not an emergency case. To do so, you have to bring the latest technology and the best physicians. This is what Turkish Hospital is doing by operating a fully functional general hospital. We have 100 beds, 20 outpatient clinics, five operating theaters, 14 beds in the ICU, two delivery rooms, angiography and radiology units, laboratories, and a pharmacy. In addition, a lot of people fly to Turkey for hair transplants. This will no longer be the case in Qatar, because we have a special department with experienced physicians coming from Turkey. Overall, we have the capacity to treat 1,000 patients per day.

What are your strategic goals for the next 12 months?

KE Al Ahli Hospital has developed a well-defined five-year strategic plan that aims to expand the hospital and upgrade healthcare to promote and render unique medical services to our guests and society. In addition, we have recently been accredited by the Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners as a provider of continuous professional development services. The hospital offers advanced educational and training programs that benefit clinical teams working in the hospital and has partnerships with several medical institutions and authorities. We are working to establish cooperation with specialized institutions and authorities to provide a number of medical education and continuous professional development programs for medical cadres in the state of Qatar, having secured the required accreditation status. We are planning another facility in the north, although the main expansion of Al Ahli Hospital will be undertaken at its existing location. The expansion has been pending for past six years due to a lack of approval from the concerned authorities regarding design issues. We have expressed our concerns to government officials and are hoping we will be allowed to build at least a ground floor and four additional floors. We currently only have the approval for the ground and first floors, which do not meet our requirements.

VU It is part of our vision to be recognized as the best private general hospital in Qatar. We want to showcase the highest levels of professionalism as proof of our commitment to the community. I believe that competition is always positive for the healthcare market. The Ministry of Public Health has outlined a clear strategy and has been creating professional medical facilities and upgrading its quality procedures to enhance the level of healthcare provided by the Qatari market. This is our first year of operations in Qatar; therefore, we should aspire to become the hospital of reference in the country. By saying this I am referring to the level of quality and not to the number of patients. I personally believe in continuous development and improvement. In this sense, at Turkish Hospital we will be focused on understanding the needs of the community we serve. At the same time, we will constantly keep ourselves up to date with all the recent developments in global healthcare and are determined to bring to Qatar the highest level of technologies available in the global market.



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