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Nasser Al Sheibani

OMAN - Real Estate & Construction

Proven dedication to customer service

CEO, Al Mouj


Nasser Al Sheibani is the CEO of Al Mouj Muscat. Al Sheibani joined the company in 2007 and served as CFO prior to his appointment as CEO. He takes great pride in delivering results, and throughout his career he has demonstrated a strong commitment to excellence. He was awarded the Chairman’s Award for Excellence during his tenure at Petroleum Development Oman. Al Sheibani started his career at National Bank of Oman in the treasury department. He is also a non-executive board member of Oman Investment & Finance Company. Al Sheibani holds a bachelor’s in finance from Sultan Qaboos University and is a graduate of Oman’s National CEO Program.

Al Mouj regularly invests in enabling innovative solutions to transform customer experience, comfort, and wellbeing.

What is your definition of innovative communities?
Innovative communities are the ones that are successful in bringing creative ideas and latest technologies and design to elevate the customer journey. It is always imperative for us as a business to continuously invest in enabling innovative solutions to further enhance the wellbeing of our customers and their experience. At Al Mouj Muscat, we regularly map our customers’ journeys to examine new opportunities and introduce innovative solutions. This process starts from marketing and lead generation, by utilizing latest data analytics tools to push our products to the preferred channels and to make their search experience easy. During the purchasing process, our customers can use VR and 3D solutions to preview the development and select a property. We adopt ERP solutions to cut down processing times. When talking about innovation in the real estate industry, we immediately think of smart homes which provide the best infrastructure and world-class connectivity, offering full flexibility to customers to plug-in IoT technology gadgets. We provide smart security solutions such as facial recognition, digital meters for district cooling consumption, smart LED lights, and smart irrigation solutions. Innovation is a wider concept that is applicable to the entire business model. At Al Mouj Muscat, we are adopting a place-making concept, which is a soft concept of innovation to fulfill the diverse needs of our community. These types of innovative concepts enable us to build a place where people feel at home and enjoy great moments every day.

What is the best strategy to adopt in the field of mobility and transportation?
As part of our place-making approach, we have a well-planned community that boasts shared urban spaces, which are human in scale and not car-centric. We also have dedicated lanes for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as exclusive stations for public transportation. By doing so, we enhance the safety of pedestrians and promote a healthy lifestyle. Recently, we introduced co-sharing mobility solutions to transport tourists and visitors within Al Mouj Muscat. Available on an on-demand basis, mobility solutions can now be accessed through several different service providers. Moreover, we are currently planning the development of a dedicated on-demand mobility application that will connect the various destinations within Al Mouj Muscat; the app will also include a driverless vehicle facility for the delivery of goods from supermarkets and restaurants to our residents.

How do you expect the Integrated Tourism Complex (ITC) concept to evolve in Muscat?
Al Mouj Muscat is a premier ITC. We have developed high-quality assets, attracting both local and international visitors. This includes Al Mouj Golf, Al Mouj Marina, and seven hotels. Notably, the development will create 5,500 permanent jobs upon completion. Al Mouj Muscat is becoming the new home for the youth, which in turn also supports the growth and presence of local brands. We look at offering better investment opportunities for both upcoming and established entrepreneurs and start-ups. These are just a few highlights of the impact of Al Mouj. Not every area in Muscat will need an ITC, but the use of development principles would be beneficial. For example, the government is using the PPP model to build affordable mix-use developments. This will improve the city’s capacity to operate effectively.

What are your strategic priorities for 2020?
In 2019, we grew by 53% in a tough real estate market. We successfully achieved this by firstly building stronger networks within Oman, leveraging the nature of our ITC, and attracting FDI. Our goal to fast track each project by initiating collaboration with sub-developers.



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