The Business Year

Loai Saleh Labani


Pursing the Public Option

CEO & Founder, Innosoft


By enriching both the user and beneficiary experience, Innosoft is playing a crucial role in helping the Kingdom harness cutting-edge technologies to improve its citizens' quality of life.

What is your reading on the current transformation being undertaken by the government?

In the past year and a half, Saudi Arabia has started to move steadily toward the achievement of the goals set out in Vision 2030, and the business environment is witnessing concrete changes at the public-sector level. This shows a new level of maturity, especially from the public sector point of view, as the government is proceeding at a steady pace and often acts as the pioneer in the digital revolution we are currently witnessing. Some institutions, such as the Ministry of Housing, have undergone a proper transformation thanks to digitalization. The use of technology has definitely contributed to achieving many targets laid out in Vision 2030. In addition, the Ministry of Labor has been greatly impacted by the advent of digitalization, and for the better. One substantial shift has been the way government officials and ministries are held accountable for achieving specific targets, with clear KPIs in a specific timeframe. One of the biggest issues the government has had to deal with was the constant reshuffling of ministers, which has led to a change in strategy, approach, and goals. This prevented the implementation of a long-term strategy in government ministries. Today, if a new minister is appointed, he can make changes, but the goals remain the same as those of his predecessor because a clear system of rules and boundaries has been set up.

What aspects of IT will play a more relevant role in tomorrow’s Saudi Arabia and why?

A significant part of the transformation program as articulated in Vision 2030 is the role of technology in reshaping and advancing Saudi society, its people, and its institutions, both public and private. The Quality of Life Program, for example, is in perfect alignment with using technology to improve the quality of life of Saudi citizens. Great strides have already been made in just a few years of the transformation program, as evidenced by the level of technology absorption and integration in the day-to-day lives of people and organizations. This trend is only going to continue into the future as technology and its uses become widespread. At Innosoft, we pride ourselves on being an integral component of this social transformation, robustly deploying a range of solutions to help organizations, both public and private, to achieve more through technology in realizing their objectives and enhancing and enriching both the user and beneficiary experience. We achieve these objectives by offering our many clients in the public and private sectors a dynamic portfolio of innovative solutions. InnoSoft has been a key partner of various public-sector institutions in realizing the key strategic goals of streamlining public service provisions to ensure efficient and effective service delivery and savings. We continue to work closely with our clients to realize the goals and aspirations of Vision 2030.



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