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Camilo Sánchez

COLOMBIA - Energy & Mining

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General Director, Green Shine


Camilo Sánchez holds degrees in maritime and ports management from the Almirante Padilla Naval Academy. He has over two decades of experience in the sales and export of Colombian Emeralds. He founded Green Shine in 2000 and has led the firm to become of the nation’s leading exporters of Colombian emeralds.

Given its long history and experience in the sector, Green Shine has become synonymous with Colombian emeralds abroad.

What role does Green Shine play in the emerald sector?
Green Shine was created in 2000, though my experience in the sector comes from my parents and grandparents. Green Shine is one of the main exporters of emeralds in the country. We continuously participate in international fairs in Hong Kong and Las Vegas. We have an office in Hong Kong and will soon have another in New York. Our main clients are in Hong Kong, from where we distribute to China, India, and Thailand. Meanwhile, from the US, we ship emeralds to Europe. Demand for Colombian emeralds is growing because it is unique in its quality. People in China and India truly love our product and frequently seek these emeralds.

This sector is receiving large sums of investment. How is this being reflected in the evolution of the sector?
The Colombian emerald sector is undergoing a process of transformation to become among the most modern in the world. As a result, the process is clearer and can be easily tracked. This makes it easier to trace the origin of an emerald. This ensures it is a legal process and that the emeralds are mined ethically. International companies have invested in Colombia and helped professionalize the sector, and we are pioneers in this sector worldwide. Colombian emeralds are in demand worldwide; they are an established name, and those who want fine emeralds will demand Colombian emeralds.

What role has Green Shine played in that regard?
We are a company that commercializes emeralds abroad. Everything that we buy, we sell abroad. Our products are easier for jewelers to modify and adapt to different designs.

What potential do you see in GCC countries?
There is great potential in GCC countries. Most Colombian emeralds end up in China, India, and Middle Eastern countries. There is also much more to be done to boost production in Colombia.

Why is Green Shine the best option to buy emeralds in Colombia?
We are the best option because of our heritage, and because we buy our emeralds directly from the mines. We also assure clients that we can do the entire process, from purchasing the emerald in the mine to sculpting and carving the gem. As we are able to trace the entire process, we can ensure a cleaner production process across the entire chain. In that regard, we also work with international jewelers to generate greater interest in emeralds.

What new investments do you plan for the future?
As for the mining sector, we are in Fura, Nuevo Milenio, and Gachalan. Besides this, we are also entering new mines and buying stocks.

What legal challenges does the sector face?
When the government legislates the sector, it lumps all minerals and gems together. We want the government to understand there has to be a different regulation for precious metals and jewels. Right now, we have the same legislation as coal, for instance. The current law does not understand the specifications of products like emeralds. Thus, we require a specific legislation for emeralds because they are different from other minerals. In addition, we need assistance in terms of boosting exports because it can take up to two days to process one export, while in other countries the entire process just takes one or two hours.

What percentage of your sales goes through your Hong Kong office?
About 30% of our sales are done in our Colombian office. We also have a broker in New York who conducts sales in the US.



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