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Raed Rashad Seddiq



Engr. Raed Seddiq has more than 22 years of experience in the industrial field, in piping systems, upstream and downstream steel manufacturing, and concrete products such as paving and facade. He holds multiple leadership positions such as GM of Ittefaq Steel Products Company and GM of DRIC. He is currently CEO of ARTIC. He holds MBA in finance from Edinburgh Napier University, a degree in mechanical engineering from KFUPM, and CM from James Madison University.

"We will continue to pursue growth in all parts of the business and provide our regional customers with superior products and services."

Raed Rashad Seddiq, CEO of ARTIC, talks to TBY about the company’s growing reach and plans for the future.

What are the main milestones achieved by Artic since its inception in 1975?

The Arabian Tile Company (ARTIC) was founded in 1975 as a part of Al Aggad Investment Company (AICO), with the aim of participating in and contributing to the rising prosperity of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region. Our core purpose is to provide our regional customers with superior products and solutions accordingly. Since ARTIC was founded as the first tile manufacturer in Saudi Arabia in 1975, we have been a proactive manufacturer that brings the latest technologies in precast materials to the Saudi market. A modern factory for automatic production was introduced in 1977, we became a GRC manufacturer in 1982, began using the most modern German technology for paving in 1995, became a complete factory for outdoor furniture in 2013, became a GRG manufacturer in 2012, a GRP manufacturer in 2013, have been involved in automated barriers production since 2014, We also became a UHPC manufacturer in 2019.

What role do innovation and technology play at ARTIC, and how do you apply them to your production line and daily operations?

ARTIC’s strength lies within the fundamental entrepreneurial outlook expressed in innovating various types of precast product: interlocks, curbstones, terrazzo and cement tiles, planter boxes, trash boxes, tables and chairs, light poles, panels, bollards, glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GFRG), glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP), grinding and polishing stones (GPS), and ultra-high-performance concrete (uhPC). This motivated our customers to reward us with leadership sales and profit. ARTISTIC and ARTI are produced using the most advanced technologies. ARTISTIC and ARTI are more beautiful and appealing than the standard interlock in the Gulf region. The know-how is only available in Spain and Saudi Arabia.

The ambitious target to double Riyadh’s population to 15-20 million by 2030 suggests that the number of households will continue to trend upward over the coming years. What is your strategy to capitalize on the booming real estate and construction sector?

The favorable business climate created by the Saudi government, combined with the sound internal company structure and a motivated, skilled team are the backbone and driving force of ARTIC’s value proposition, which it will confidently carry forth in the years to come. We are well prepared for this boom; ARTIC has increased its production capacities for all products with premium quality and reasonable costs, in addition to the expansion of geographical coverage, serving the main regions in KSA (Central, Western, Eastern). Furthermore, we are planning to construct additional plants in the Northern and Southern regions in the coming five years. Also, ARTIC has developed and expanded its sales channels by saving several showrooms and agencies around the country, in addition to launching an e-commerce platform that will motivate our customers to reward us with leadership sales and profit. On the other hand, ARTIC has invested in its human capital R&D and factories by employing the latest and most unique innovative and automotive technologies in interlock pavers, outdoor precast furniture, and fiber-based products, which will meet the growth in market demands and the differing requirements of finishing, shapes, and thickness, complying with local and international standards.

What are your medium-term priorities?

We will continue to pursue growth in all parts of the business and provide our regional customers with superior products and services. On February 15, 2022, we initiated our upcoming five-year strategy for 2022–2027 with a clear vision to continue our investment to innovate in all aspects, formulating a dazzling urban civilization in the field of landscapes and facades by employing the latest innovative technologies and sustainable solutions.



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