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Rafael Avilés Ledergerber

ECUADOR - Finance

Rafael Avilés Ledergerber

CEO, Ecuaprimas


Rafael Avilés Ledergerber is co-founder of Ecuaprimas and is part of the board of directors that have led the company’s growth and development into one of the leading companies in the market. With a 25-year career in insurance, he started as an assistant manager at Ecuaprimas to become the manager and then CEO of the company. He is also CFO of RiskCo and a member of the advisory board of Jiang Tai. He has participated as a speaker in several seminars in Ecuador, Latin America, the US, and Asia. He is also the Vice President of the Young Entrepreneurs Association AJE of Ecuador and Director of the Ecuadorian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

Ecuaprimas is focused on positioning itself as a provider of real and effective insurance solutions.

Ecuaprimas was positioned among the top three best insurance brokers in Ecuador. What initiatives did you undertake to achieve this recognition?

The main thing is our focus on people and our ability to provide value through insurance solutions that make a difference. That focus on people has been transcendent for the company. Another element that makes us different is that we listen to our customers. We build insurance solutions that are out of the ordinary, and for this it is essential to understand the particular realities of each one. Another difference that separates us from our competitors in the industry is our passion to serve, which makes a difference. This ranking clearly reflects what Ecuaprimas’ values: Everything we do, we do to help others. That makes the difference in a world as competitive as today, with solutions that seem similar to each other. We take care of you, we protect you, we give you peace of mind and security, not only as a commercial message to our clients, but also to our co-workers. Everything we share and discuss generates value for the firm. All these are framed in values and principles that are the central axis of the company, such as responsibility and trust. Unlike other companies in the sector, which also have their means and are great professionals in the industry, Ecuaprimas was born from scratch, without an economic group or a family to support it with funds. Our approach of postponing personal benefits to generate value for people has truly made a difference and enriched the company. At Ecuaprimas, we truly believe every crisis is an opportunity to do things better.

Why did Ecuaprimas decide to launch Ecuaprimas Connect?

Ecuaprimas is focused on providing excellent service, and through a digital and technological transformation we believe we can create an ecosystem with a series of resources and tools that generate value for our clients. We want to create an ecosystem with a series of resources and tools that generate value for the client. In this sense, we recently launched Ecuaprimas Connect. It is our digital ecosystem that allows our customers to access all their information from anywhere in the world, in real time, online, and solve all their claims and policies through the app and the portal. With such solutions, we can bring insurance closer, in a more practical way, to the customer with simple solutions and no complications.

Ecuaprimas recently opened its own academy. Why did you decide to launch this academy?

When I assumed the presidency of the company in 2017, I wanted to understand the quality of our work environment and how it was perceived by our people, so we conducted a work experience survey. When they were going to give us our results and what I thought would be a recognition of Ecuaprimas being the best company to work in the country, I was surprised when I found out our work environment was neutral; it did not add value to people. It was a difficult realization, but at the same time, It was the best thing that could have happened to us. We doubled down on the things that were important to our people and implemented a series of actions that would generate value over time for our people, such as the Ecuaprimas Academy and the company’s evaluation and recognition systems, which have been fundamental. In 2018, all of our efforts resulted in the Great Place to Work certification, and in 2021 we achieved the highest score in our history. I felt we finally understood that by our company’s commitment to prioritize our people’s well-being, we were making a difference not only in their lives but also in our customer service. This was because of the company’s commitment to its people and accompanying them in the most difficult times.



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