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MEXICO - Real Estate & Construction

Ramón Reyes Medina

Managing Director, Imperquimia


Ramón Reyes Medina graduated from National Polytechnic Institute and the University of the Americas. He has a track record of almost four decades in financial and administrative positions in national and international companies such as Bechtel, Honeywell, and Schneider Electric. In the last three years, he has led the general management of Grupo Imperquimia with double-digit growth results and has marked a clear path in the company’s strategy, having quality, the environment and profitability as the main axes.

"We believe that there are many opportunities in the sector."

With a leading development department from which new products are invented or developed in response to project requirements, Imperquimia stands out in Mexico for its specialized products for the construction industry.

What are the main opportunities for growth in the construction industry?

We believe that there are many opportunities in the sector. We came from a growth position where Imperquimia could not expand beyond a certain level of sales, and over the past three years we have almost doubled our sales levels as well as our cash flows, which are always usually a big issue. I think we have an advantage as a Mexican company because we have a development department from which new products arise in response to specific project requirements. Those are the opportunities we are always looking for. Actually, we also reach our final consumers through our 21 stores throughout the region. We view those 21 stores as warehouses, from which we supply various distributors to meet needs as they arise. Right now, we are trying to include an operation in Los Cabos, Baja California, and other specific locations. Finally, we are working with a number of construction companies that are building hotels to create products to meet their exclusive requirements faster and at a lower cost.

How have you dealt with the challenge of timely product delivery?

This is, again, down to our development department. We have total management of all our materials, based on knowledge of availability, stock, and price. Right now, we have a product called Urelastic 450 not found anywhere else. It is an advantage that Imperquimia is present in Mexico attending to local demand and reacting to situations as they arise.

What are you planning for next year?

We are working on products that we call grouts. For example, we use Grout 1,200, a unique product created for use in the Felipe Ángeles International Airport project. No product in the market in Mexico has the resistance that this grout has, which also makes it relevant for large-scale projects. We are looking to develop such differentiated products so that in 2023 we have valuable products that the competition lacks. Our founder, engineer Héctor Mario Gómez Galvarriato, has created many products, and sometimes they are not immediately brought to the market until a clear application is identified, if any. We are working on products that stand to benefit the environment. Currently, 70% of our buckets are made of recycled material, and we believe we can do even more.

You have stated that 90% of your portfolio is in Mexico. What plans do you have to continue growing internationally?

We are entering Latin America and have a partner in Guatemala, although we are also collaborating with a client keen to distribute our product in Latin America. It has plans to expand internationally in 2023, and so we are assessing the specific need of those areas. If we lack a suitable product, we will develop it. The company already collaborates with us in Puerto Rico, has and has been working with Imperquimia for 25 years, although currently we are operating more often and with a greater volume.



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