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Ramsés Palomo Reyes

MEXICO - Industry

Ramsés Palomo Reyes

Director General, Singh Consulting Group


Ramsés Palomo Reyes specializes in human resources and works to transform the area through his software HR System. This software was created to reinvent and strengthen the HR department and create more human and intelligent strategies based on real and updated data. Singh Consulting Group is among the top 10 companies in human resources in Mexico and has helped SMEs improve their HR areas.

Singh Consulting Group looks to data analysis to identify problem areas and prevent unexpected situations in matters related to human resources.

What added value do you offer, and what differentiates you from your competition?

There is an extremely important value, which is the human factor. We are extremely concerned about our workers and take care of them. Many companies similar to ours are concerned about their revenues and do not even know their workers’ names. Our employees differentiate us, and that makes us different to others in the human resources sector. Our motto is: “Human resources more human.” We precisely attempt to reach that approach with the person behind every employee. Many times, companies fail to address the human concerns of their employees; however, our focus is precisely on that.

How did you help your workers adapt to the remote working experience?

The pandemic has restructured the coming years and the labor structure. This was discussed before the pandemic, but today working from home is the new normal. This situation has motivated us to continue working on software that implements remote working. Through this application, our workers have to check in when they start work and check in again when they stop. This system registers their location and the time when they start and stop work.

How essential is HR as a service?

Few people understand this job position and cannot comprehend the importance that this job will have. Data analysis is essential to prevent unexpected situations. Prevention saves many concerns. Correcting a mistake is more expensive than preventing it. Through our system, we can identify those workers that miss work the most, or those with health issues. Many things can be covered through data processing. We want the Mexican industrial sector to understand the potential that it has, and education has therefore become paramount for us.

How are the outsourcing regulations changing, and how are you adapting to new challenges?

It is a challenge because there are some bad businesses that seek to evade their tax obligations. We do not work with such businesses. It is a complex issue because, in a sense, it is rooted in Mexico culture that one needs to cheat to advance. There is a saying in Mexico: “el que no tranza no avanza,” which means the one who does not cheat does not advance. However, hiring an employee via shady processes to avoid tax payments can eventually become more expensive. That is the core of the issue. We need a change in mentality and for people to realize that avoiding tax payments can bring higher costs. We do not support such dishonest practices. Outsourcing is not negative in itself; the negative thing is those who use this mechanism to evade their tax payments.

How would you rate the company’s ability to attract talent from the competition?

Young people, including millennials, are very talented, and it is challenging to attract them to your business because they are less committed. It is easier for them to quit a job than someone who is 50 years old. They change jobs constantly. We need to increase productivity and add other benefits in order to make it more attractive for them. This pandemic has been a blow for many businesses to understand how things will be from now on.

Can you elaborate on your software investment and the new services that you will launch?

The platform is part of our innovations. We are heavily committed to bringing new services to clients. We started with a project a year ago with our own developers, and that later evolved into something different from what we had originally planned. We thought the system could only process salary payments but soon realized the capacity we could cover through this system. We are about to launch a commercial offering for this product. Now is the best time to bring this service into the market. The product is well developed and will be interesting.



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