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Francisco Isaza

COLOMBIA - Industry

Rapid development

President & Board of Directors, FIZA


Francisco Isaza holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira. He founded FIZA in 1985 and has been at the forefront of the sector’s development for 33 years.

FIZA is keen to distribute new machinery lines and accessories that will further drive Colombia's sectors.

What does FIZA offer and why do so many companies choose FIZA as a partner?
FIZA was established in 1985, and it has positioned itself as a serious, responsible company providing great service to customers. We have always looked for companies that manufacture machinery on a global level and with cutting-edge technology. FIZA provides solutions for infrastructure engineering and mining in Colombia. We develop technology and implement technologies in Colombia. We serve foreign and national companies involved in 4G projects and have retained our clients throughout our history.

Why are the development, construction, and maintenance of tertiary roads so complicated, and what solutions does FIZA provide in these areas?
Tertiary roads have not developed as they should due to problems with the government, which has never paid attention to them due to a lack of engineering knowledge. In the past, one solution for tertiary roads was a rehabilitation process called footprint plate, an expensive solution without infrastructure or design. Some 80% of tertiary roads have stones. Our project aims to recycle these roads with our technology that allows using the existing material as a granular base thanks to a recycler that crushes, stabilizes, and recycles; as a consequence, construction costs fall by over 80%. This had not been developed because we used to sell recyclers that were too expensive for tertiary roads; however, we now use ones that cost COP400 million (USD127,000) that use agricultural tractors as the main power to work. We are lowering the costs of construction of tertiary roads. We have many machines working nationwide, and we build quickly.

What is the importance of the development of transportation infrastructure of rural areas to the economy?
That represents 100% of the development. Colombia will encounter several problems if it has no roads. Colombia is a pantry of agricultural production; however, agricultural products cannot be exported without tertiary roads. Second, many leave their villages to go to centers like Bogotá because of the lack of good roads in the countryside. If we build tertiary roads, people will return to their villages, traffic will improve, tourism will grow, and there will be other sources of income. Colombia has extremely beautiful areas like Quindí­o, which has many impassable roads. If we make these passable, the economy will grow both in the small municipalities and the national economy. If there are no tertiary roads, the country will not grow.

What plans does FIZA have for 2019 and beyond?
In addition to the project of tertiary roads, we became distributors of machinery that we did not have before. We will become distributors of agricultural tractors that in turn will pull our industrial applications. These have opened the doors to the agricultural market. We represent a company from Poland called Pronar that has all the agricultural accessories. The machines of infrastructure, agricultural, and many other machines need an agricultural tractor, and in Colombia, people do not know about the agricultural tractor and its industrial application. Earlier, we were leaders in the recycling of large machines, and now we are growing. We will distribute a series of additional products from important companies such as Liebherr, Ammann, Fae, and Stehr. We have Rubble Master and SBM crushers that replace all our previous line. We started as a standard distributor for Wacker Nauson in 2017, and this brand will open the doors of small markets such as manual infrastructure machines, compaction plates, water pumps, power plants, and loaders. The world is changing, so we are looking for tractors and many small machines with specific accessories. We must develop in the sale of accessories for tractors that will do the same as large machines but at lower costs and with no downtime.



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