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Rashid Mohamed Al-Nuaimi Chairman, Dallah Holding

QATAR - Telecoms & IT

Rashid Mohamed Al-Nuaimi

Chairman, Dallah Holding


Rashid Mohammed Al-Nuaimi brings 40-plus years of progressive leadership experience in management spanning several sectors. He holds a BA in economics and commerce and a master’s degree in technology and management. He has represented Qatar in many specialized committees in regional and international forums in financial, legal, and media spheres.

Dallah Holding is the region’s leading creative innovative media solutions provider with local and international experience.
What have been the group’s major advancements since it was founded?

We’ve come such a long way since we were first established as a 100% Qatari-owned corporation in 1982. Dallah’s goals have been to create opportunities to flourish and build an environment that stimulates economic growth and societal development. Our name is taken from the first company we established: Dallah Advertising. Dallah is the Arabic word for the coffeepot, symbolizes our pride in our roots and culture—it is such a potent symbol of Qatar’s warm and welcoming hospitality. It is also an accurate representation of how Qatar’s community builds connections and forges business relationships. When we started Dallah Advertising, we were keen to help put Qatar’s businesses and industries on the map. In fact, we did this. We were the first company in Qatar to create digital maps that government entities and companies could access. We were also the first agency to develop branding and corporate identities for many government and private entities in Qatar. Companies like us took those first steps to lead the country in a new direction. Now, we are helping key companies to transform their communications through powerful storytelling, attend worldwide trade shows with impactful exhibition stands, and create events that the world attends. Since our inception, our media division has grown organically from the business created through the advertising agency. In 2022, we are celebrating our 40th anniversary, an amazing achievement for the State of Qatar and us.

What are Dallah’s main business lines?

Marketing and communications are the group’s forte. In the local market, we have no competitor—no other media agency in Qatar provides a 360-degree approach to providing services from concept through to implementation. Dallah Holding’s media division has nine companies specializing in advertising, event management, sports and experiential marketing, digital and offset printing, packaging, gift items, photography, videography, and technology solutions. Our main strength is that we offer a complete in-house service. We can creatively conceive and produce events. We have access to specialist knowledge, and each team can support each other to develop and create unique ideas—this collaboration and cohesive approach sets us apart. Dallah Holding also has other sectors and divisions, including real estate, trading and contracting, FMCG industries, and hospitality.

How are you aligned with the vision of the country?

Qatar has always inspired us and set our vision toward success: its ambition and determination to continue its upward trajectory. It also inspired us to diversify our business and not to rely solely upon one revenue stream and create new opportunities that enable us to thrive. It is truly a marvel that Qatar is the first Arab country to host the most coveted sporting event in the world, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, that we would be showcasing stories from all over the world via our successful broadcasting channel, and that the country’s airline would be named World’s Best Airline. We take great pride in leading projects contributing to Qatar’s National Vision. To be involved in initiatives stimulating economic, cultural, technological, and educational change and progress. Each year in our 40-year history has allowed us to develop and nurture new skills and be inspired by the changes we are witnessing.

What are your main objectives for 2022?

Dallah Holding’s focus is to enhance its media and event growth. Qatar has proved that it has excellent potential to become a bustling event hub. We aim to expand our expertise and knowledge and enhance the experience of the local market and people by collaborating with international partners. This strategy has been part of our foundations since day one. We are always trying to be the first to bring technology and solutions to support the growth of our country. In 2022 and beyond, we will continue to focus on our clients’ success and ensure a delightful experience for them throughout the process. We treat our customers in the best possible way with dedication and seek to go above and beyond. 



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