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Junji Nagasaka

QATAR - Energy & Mining

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Managing Director, Chiyoda Almana Engineering LLC


Junji Nagasaka is the Managing Director of Chiyoda Almana Engineering. He graduated from Tokai University in Japan with a bachelor’s degree of science in civil engineering. He has over 25 years of experience in overseas oil and gas projects as well as construction, engineering, and project management in multiple locations such as China, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Qatar, and Japan. Nagasaka has worked closely with major energy companies such as ExxonMobil, Shell, ConocoPhillips, and other oil and petrochemical companies, including the world’s largest LNG plant operators in Qatar during the execution of Qatargas 3 & 4 in 2005.

Highly attuned to local market conditions, regulations, and ways of doing business, Chiyoda Almana is especially well placed to support its headquarters in tender preparations.

Can you give us an overview of your recent operations?
For the last year, our operation was focused on completing ongoing projects and following up the market moves. We had many discussions with our clients for upcoming projects and our expected contribution. Moreover, we were looking at every opportunity to expand our business portfolio through new business lines such as AI and big data.

What are the main projects you are working on at the moment?
We are continuing our work on our ongoing EPC projects and supporting the ongoing work for North Field Expansion FEED project awarded to our parent company (Chiyoda Corporation) with our up-to-date project know-how in Qatar gained through 11 years of operations here. Chiyoda Almana has also focused on brownfield areas and the maintenance and modifications necessary at plants. We engage in intensive studies regarding the best modifications and implement them in the most effective way.

What support services are you providing to your global headquarters?
Chiyoda was awarded the FEED Contract of the NFE Project, so as the local subsidiary of Chiyoda in Qatar and with our cumulative experience in the market, we give all the required support to our headquarters for the completion of the NFE FEED Project. In addition, Chiyoda (with Technip) was one of the three EPC joint ventures invited to tender for EPC works of the four LNG mega-trains of the North Field Expansion project. In this sense, Chiyoda Almana supports its headquarters in the tender preparations. Chiyoda Almana is aware of local market conditions, regulations, and ways of doing business. In this sense, we are able to provide a great deal of experience-based support and advice. In our business model, greenfield projects are typically taken up by our global headquarters. After completion, Chiyoda Almana takes care of operation support and upgrades to maintain optimum performance. We visit sites and determine the needs of the client and provide the proper services. Chiyoda Almana also has the great advantage of its global headquarters, which we can tap for its sheer expertise to differentiate us from other engineering firms in Qatar.

Which clients is Chiyoda Almana currently serving?
We serve QP, Qatargas, and QAFAC, among others. As we have strength in LNG, Qatargas is one of our primary customers, while QP and its associated companies have many other facilities that we provide services for.

How is the project on the North Field progressing?
This is being led by our headquarters, but we are involved in providing certain specialty services to ensure smooth development and provide essential data that allows headquarters to make more accurate estimates.

How do you assess the business environment in Qatar for an EPC company such as yours?
In the oil and gas sector, the major project is the North Field expansion project, with QP additionally planning a large petrochemical complex as part of this expansion. So far, clients are focusing on these two major projects. Luckily, we are providing support to the Chiyoda global headquarters, which is pursuing EPC opportunities on these major schemes.

How has the market evolved in recent years, and what opportunities do you see going forward?
Major projects are moving forward quickly, and we hope to see some big opportunities in 2020 to support these projects, which will be completed after five or six years. The four LNG trains are part of this, along with the petrochemical plant upon whose completion a significant increase of the brownfield market is expected. For the moment, we are focused on supporting these significant projects. Once they enter operations, further opportunities will arise that we are preparing for.



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