The Business Year

Luis Aurelio Dí­az

General Manager, Grupo Oikos

Our digital real estate platform evaluates real estate all over Colombia. People can now evaluate their real estate by going online and entering their property information in order to get an immediate digital evaluation. People like it and will continue to do so all the more in the medium and long term. It is a process of bringing people into the digital age. Our products are innovative; we are always launching new things. Right now, the low rates at the banks are helping people to get real estate, and we have a product at a good price. We are looking to expand into neighboring markets, but maybe it will be through storage. That is an easier operation to move abroad. Another thing that puts us ahead is that we are adopting green systems with our buildings. We currently have 12 buildings that are LEED-certified and environmentally friendly. We try to have all our buildings environmentally certified.

Manuel Vives González

General Manager, Constructores Unidos

We started building high-rise projects in Cartagena. We developed some major projects of this kind in Castillogrande, such as two 36-floor buildings named Trocadero and Malibú. We also started other projects in Manga, a historic neighborhood in Cartagena with mansions and other buildings that have been abandoned over the years. Our most famous projects were Delamare, Regatta, and Atalaya. Our projects at Manga have enhanced the neighborhood, and people are interested in the area again, so much so that today Manga is an exclusive part of the city. In Barranquilla, the most iconic project we have is the Grataciello building, a 40-floor tower. Over the last year, we finished two buildings for a project called Solara Towers, and now we are finishing the sales period of a building called Illuminata. We are pioneers in offices buildings, as we participated in the construction of Centro Empresarial las Americas 1. We work in several sectors, including housing, hospitality, and office centers.

Clemencia Parra

Executive President, Clemencia Parra

2017 turned out to be a good year for us despite our initial forecast that it was going to be hard due to the economic conditions, which led to just 1.8% GDP growth in 2017. This situation reduced foreign investment and drew people to rent houses, offices, and warehouses; as a result, the retail business changed from ownership to rentals. That development brought good news for Unifianza, because we focus on guaranteeing the rentals of the tenants to the landlords. We are warrantors of several multinationals, with some based in the US and Europe. We understand the investment these companies are bringing to Colombia, and the risk attached to such investments. And our creativity helps us provide clients with different alternatives, something that is not common for the rental industry in Colombia. We understand the real estate market, and we are reinsured by a Mexican company, Reafianzdora Insurgentes of the Grupo Financiero Aserta.

Karen Scarpetta

General Manager, Wework

We are a unique model and cannot only be viewed as merely a real estate or office space. We highlight three things when it comes to how people should work within their lives. Our spaces are extremely dynamic, and we have a specific and uniquely functional design. Furthermore, every single thing is planned to produce a successful business partnership or business meeting and goal. Over 70% of the businesses within Wework have done one business within the community, an important pillar in the structure of our business. Today we have a community of over 250,000 members around the world. Being a member of Wework gives one services that a company may need at any given point. There is a great deal of potential in Colombia. We plan to open at least another three buildings in Bogotá by the end of 2018. Then in 1Q2019 we will open in Barranquilla and subsequently Cali.



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