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Terrence Chambers

Director of Sales, CESCO

Our third-generation company holds a strategic balance between years of industrial experience and cutting edge technological solutions. The combination of experience and technological innovation has helped CESCO expand its range from an electrical supplier to a solutions provider meeting the demand of its clients in the rapid development of many sectors both locally and regionally. Today, we remain committed to the highest quality solutions that we offer from our five divisions of electrical, building (construction), energy (generators), lighting, and data-comm solutions. Many of our clients testify that CESCO does not only sell a product but that we offer a complete solution. Our building division has been located among the top suppliers for solutions in construction. We sit with the architects to find out exactly what unique, creative ideas they desire in order to offer the best solution. Our Ultracem products, which range from molding, siding, sheets, decking, and ceiling tiles, are a key solution in modern designs, both commercial and residential. The building division is proud to have supplied our solutions to a number of hotels across the island, especially the recently completed Jewels Grande on the north coast of the island.

James G. Goren

Managing Director, Goren Brothers

Initially, I purchased a gorgeous piece of land with the plan to build around 40 luxury homes. Although high-end homes are more or less my usual business, I felt there was a tremendous need in Jamaica for affordable homes when I looked around. There was incredible expansion of hotels on the north coast of the island, but really the residential market was not developing at the same speed. Today, Jamaica has hotels employing more than 1,000 people and those people need a place to live. On top of that, there is always the issue of safety. So, not only do we have to provide a home, but one that is in a safe environment for these families. We have already delivered about 350 homes in Falmouth, about 1.5km from the center of town, and we should finish the development within three or four years. Demand is extremely high, so that is not the problem. The problem in Jamaica is that, while in the rest of the world when building affordable housing the government steps in and does the infrastructure work, here the government does not do any of the infrastructure. This means the cost is becoming prohibitive. The government does everything it can to help investors in Jamaica short of providing any financial assistance. This is because the government is on a tight budget.

Garfield Gourzong

Managing Director, Garfield Gourzong

Prior to RE/MAX, we were a mom-and-pop operation to about 40 years. We wanted attract an international clientele even more than when we were just Sunshine Villas. We have been RE/MAX for five years now, and with that, there has been a pull through RE/MAX to get people here both for rentals, sales, and land purchases. Because we are RE/MAX, they are more confident giving us the opportunity to assist them. Some have long-term goals that they want to achieve, and we help them with the price points when they are ready to invest. Others are concerned about healthcare, security, and so on. Currently, our business is mostly residential, though we had to diversify more into commercial because as people come, they are inspired to open commercial businesses. Compared to other countries, it is relatively cheaper to set up a business here. One can get fantastic real estate in great locations for a fraction of what they would pay elsewhere. As a country, we do not have everything that other countries may have, such as a drive-through car wash, and people who move here start to realize that they can make great money opening businesses. We are not just in the market of real estate; we are in the market of Jamaica as a whole.



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