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Sustainable and advanced warehousing spaces are now becoming the norm, given the growing importance of having a strong logistics sector as a result of the pandemic.

Cristian Oller

Vice Presidente & Country Manager, Prologis España

Prologis in Spain started in 1999 in Catalonia. At the time, there were no private parks with broad maneuvering spaces or as innovative as the one that Prologis brought to the market, with ESFR sprinklers, docks at 90 degrees, skylights, slab flatness quality, and on a turnkey basis. It was a turning point for the industry in Spain. Subsequently, we developed a similar park in Alcala de Henares, in Madrid, with four units measuring 113,000sqm and following the same concept. The park in Catalonia is located in Sant Boi and was a public-private partnership developed with the city hall. Meanwhile, in Alcala de Henares we have a large closed land. We are global leaders, and other companies follow our lead. We have been a 100% digital company for many years, as at a single click we have all the information of the entire portfolio that we manage, one of the resources included in our Prologis FM digital platform. This digital aspect definitely enabled us to adapt quickly to the pandemic. The secret to successfully riding out the pandemic is to be in constant communication with our teams and customers. We have 1.2 million sqm and only employ 13 people, which make us extremely agile. Success involves innovation and adaptability to changes.

Gustavo Cardozo

Managing Director Spain & Portugal, Panattoni Europe

Panattoni entered Europe in the previous business cycle, in the 2000s; however, we started to gain a relevant role in the last few years. We have become the leaders in the development of logistical real estate buildings, with more than 6 million sqm developed in the last four years, and that figure will increase dramatically in 2021. We have been acknowledged as the logistical real estate developer that develops the most in Europe. The entry of Panattoni in countries such as Spain, the Netherlands, and Portugal will reaffirm our market position within Europe. With the growth of e-commerce, not all companies will be based in Madrid, Barcelona, or Valencia. We see a higher development of different regions in terms of logistics. That differentiates us from our competitors; we are focused on regions. In terms of rent, the price will be important. We offer competitive prices, so we can offer competitive rental agreements compared to our competitors. We have 150,000sqm of land to develop in our pipeline. Our main goal is to continue growing. We want to continue being present in the areas where our customers are. We want the public administration to understand the benefits that these facilities bring in terms of job creation, sustainability, and benefits for the economy as a whole.

Óscar Heras

Country Director Spain, Óscar Heras

GLP started its activities in Spain in 2002 with developments in Madrid and Zaragoza, having a profile of a trader developer back then. We are present in Asia and the US, and we are market leaders Brazil and India. Europe was the piece that was missing, so GLP acquired Gazeley in 2018. We have reinforced our position in Europe by the acquisition of Goodman Eastern and Central Europe, which allows us to have a presence in those markets. Currently, GLP is present in 12 markets in Europe. We are a global business with a local approach. Since 2018, we have been developing a strong investment strategy to diversify our portfolio. The strategic plan is to grow by promoting our own products or acquiring buildings. We are long-term investors, not traders. In Europe, we have around 4.5 million sqm of assets under management, of which 140,000sqm of finished buildings and a land bank of 600,000sqm are in Spain. We have presence in Madrid, Castilla la Mancha, Catalonia, and Valencia, and we plan to develop in the markets of Andalucia and Euskadi. We will alternate big projects in strategic logistic locations, such as the municipality of Illescas and the city of Guadalajara, and prime areas like a project in Villaverde near Madrid and others in prime areas of Barcelona.

Alejandro Rumayor Fernández

Country Manager, Logicor

Logicor is a leading pan-European logistics real estate company created in 2012 and launched in Spain in 2013, that owns, manages, and develops high-quality logistics assets across Europe, with an investment strategy focused on the main European logistic hubs. In eight years, we have turned Logicor into one of Europe’s leading logistics platforms. Currently, we have 13.6 million sqm of space and around 600 high-quality logistic buildings located in the main European hubs, and a presence in 17 countries. Logicor has collaborated in investment in Spain, driven by the conviction on the positive development and potential growth of the logistics and e-commerce sectors. The growth of e-commerce in Spain makes the country an extremely attractive market to pursue in terms of logistics investment and growth. Logicor wants to grow in strategic markets such as Barcelona and Madrid and look for opportunities in secondary markets where there is an investment route for the modernization or management of existing buildings. Whilst we are present in over 30 logistics locations across Spain, the majority of our assets are primarily located in Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia. What sets us apart is the flexibility of our portfolio—we can provide efficient, agile, and innovative leasing solutions for our customers, which enables us to grow hand in hand with our customers in different sectors.



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