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With a boom in the demand for Colombian music worldwide and increased government support for the creative industries, record labels believe the best is yet to come in terms of local talent.

Adriana Restrepo

President of the Andean Region, Sony Music

Sony has an exceptionally large portfolio of artists from all genres. In the case of the specific music of our country, we have a large portfolio of salsa, vallenato, reggaeton, and pop music artists. However, we do not just license Colombian artists; we can also offer brands a campaign with Maluma, Ricky Martin, Thalí­a, or any other English-speaking artist. The brand features a large portfolio of artists of all genres and ages, because we can offer artists from Roberto Carlos to Maluma. We have to talk about talent because Sony takes a chance on Colombian talent. We are committed to staying up to date with new sounds. We continuously search for new talents because this is how we make our living. In Colombia, there are interesting artists in Medellí­n and in Barranquilla. We are aware of what happens with the artist’s audience, and we take a chance on them. The most valuable thing Sony can provide is its determination to discover new talents. We are powerful in Latin America because we are always releasing new artists. We are also attentive of the digital market, and we do not leave anything to chance. We have the widest market in the Andean Region thanks to our commitment to new talents combined with our aggressive management of digital marketing.

Daniel Mora

Managing Director, Warner Chappell Music Colombia

The business focus for Warner Chappell around the world is to form long-term partnerships with talented music composers. In Colombia, in previous years we searched for writers or artists that were performing and doing concerts all around Latin America and the world. However, with the pandemic, we needed to put our eyes also in writers, artists and producers with an important number of streams in digital music platforms. We have signed about 140 writers since Warner Chappell started operations in Colombia in 4Q2016, including reggaeton, perhaps the most important genre in Latin America, Vicente Garcia, who is considered as an indie artist but it is also one of the biggest artists in Latin America, and Santiago Cruz. Locally, Colombia consumes reggaeton as well as vallenato and popular music. We have signed the most important artists in that genre, Alzate and Yeison Jimenez. Colombia has become a super house in Latin music worldwide; for example, Medellí­n is a pioneer and a hub for reggaeton in the region, which is extremely important. It is not just artists from Colombia that are performing well in other countries; the most important producers are also Colombian, for example, Andres Torres and Mauricio Rengifo. WMC wants to contribute and play a role in the Colombian music boom.

Diego Maldonado

Country Manager, Diego Maldonado

Our value proposition is to provide independent creators infrastructure that they cannot find on their own or that other companies, more precisely the major record labels, are not providing to the creative community. That is where ONErpm stands: filling a space or a void that is not filled by the major record labels or where the creative community is not able to sustain themselves on their own. That is the main advantage that we provide and how we have been able to bring many artists and labels to work with us. Our main advantage is being in certain countries and markets ahead of time and understanding that there is always a need in Latin American countries that bigger companies are not focusing on. Many companies come later when the market is already saturated, while ONErpm has been keen on being there before everyone else. ONErpm is the biggest distributor in Brazil, with more than 25% market share and works with the biggest artists and stars. That is the same in Mexico and Colombia, where we are definitely working with the creative independent community and extremely important acts. The credentials are the artistic roster that we work with; we have artists at all levels of development stages and in all genres.



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