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Reinaldo Trindade

ANGOLA - Economy

Reinaldo Trindade

President, Angolan Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCHIA)


Reinaldo Trindade began his career as an IT technician at Empresa Nacional de Electricidade in 1998, and later moved to Empresa Pública de Águas de Luanda and eventually became the director of the department of computing and billing. He is currently the President of the Angolan Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCHIA).

"CCHIA is an initiative of Angolan and Pan American entrepreneurs who decided to create this platform in 2016."
An initiative to improve relations between Angola and Latin American countries, CCHIA works to boost productive capacity in the agro-industrial sector and the overall economy, with a focus on attracting FDI and establishing partnerships.
CCHIA was established with the vision to establish partnerships and attract foreign investment. What is the main focus of the chamber at the moment?

CCHIA is an initiative of Angolan and Pan American entrepreneurs who decided to create this platform in 2016. The objective is to establish partnerships and attract investments in the agro-industrial and mining sector. The chamber is multilateral, with seven Latin American countries involved in the constitution process. Initially, those were the countries with diplomatic representation in Angola such as Argentina, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Colombia. We also plan to incorporate the only Spanish-speaking African country, Equatorial Guinea. Then, our goal is to incorporate other Latin American countries. The fundamental objective of the chamber is to improve relations between Angola and Hispanic American countries. Angola has great economic potential, most of the population is young, and they are expected to be part of a large middle class in a few years, which will drive the economy. The Hispanic American region is a market worth more than USD3 trillion, according to World Bank data, and soon we will have the room to work together. Our focus is on the agro-industrial sector, which is an area where Angola has much potential. For example, Angola has 35 million hectares of arable land, and, of those, only 15% are currently in use. We also pay close attention to the area of renewable energies. Around 53% of the energy in Latin America comes from clean sources, and it is clear that the region is a leader in this respect. Angola also has great potential to do the same and can use the experience of these countries. To summarize, the main objective of CCHIA is to support the recovery of productive capacity in the agro-industrial sector and the overall economy.

How has CCHIA evolved since its establishment?

CCHIA is evolving well, though we could be better if it weren’t for the pandemic. One of the great projects of the chamber is to promote bringing in a large community of farmers to Angola in a form of community settlements. We are pleased with this, as we expect them to contribute to increasing Angola’s productive capacity. For example, we want to grow in the cereal sector in terms of corn, wheat, and soy, and this community, and here the Mennonite community of Mexico is an expert in this.

What other actions are being taken in order to grow and maintain bilateral relations between Hispanic American countries and Angola?

We have an agreement with Venezuela, with which we have set up a bilateral business council to identify opportunities and promote the economic situation on both sides. This agreement was signed in 2021. Venezuela is currently in a difficult social and economic situation, but we do not expect that to last forever, and when the country rises again, it will be a great partner to us. Venezuela has many cultural similarities and has vast experience from the point of human capital and professional training. It goes without saying that we expect to form similar partnerships with the remaining countries in the Latin American region.

How does CCHIA assist companies with imports and exports from Latin American countries?

The chamber wants to create a newsletter, where people can find updated information on business opportunities. In partnership with institutions and using statistics, we also want to provide more detailed information on commercial exchanges to the business community. Another project that we are looking at is the creation of a training center for entrepreneurs, which we have already discussed with entrepreneurs in Uruguay. We hope for the chamber to be an active part of this project and prepare Angolan entrepreneurs for the challenges of business. CCHIA also wants to serve as a consulting platform to help entrepreneurs navigate this business world and help with the bureaucratic part of the business growth. This would be complementary to what we have been doing to date.



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