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MEXICO - Telecoms & IT

Renato Tradardi

CEO, Gold Data


Renato Tradardi has over 25 years of business, engineering, sales and project management experience and is responsible for directing and controlling the operation of the group of companies globally. In 2000, he founded Gold Data, after also establishing companies with the same focus and line of business in Panama, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and the US. Tradardi has led the group to be recognized in the Global Carrier Awards and Carrier Comunity with different awards in Latin America and the Caribbean.

"Gold Data is a company with a history spanning over 22 years."

Gold Data specializes in connectivity and strategic business verticals in telecommunications, focusing on the development of related infrastructure.

How is Gold Data improving the connectivity between Mexico and international markets?

Gold Data is a company with a history spanning over 22 years. Our company is a multinational technology business with a key focus on telecommunications and the development of related infrastructure. We specialize in connectivity and strategic business verticals in telecommunications, and our goal as a company is to expand throughout the region. Mexico is part of that expansion plan as our seventh market. We created the Mexico project more than four years ago, but due to the pandemic, our entry into Mexico was delayed. For us, Mexico has always been an important market, and Gold Data’s objective is not to compete, but rather to bring new investments and better international connectivity and to supply strategic vertical areas of international connectivity in Mexico that are not supplied at the time. Mexico’s fast-growing data market and today’s significant investments such as those occurring in Querétaro and other areas of the Republic require modern infrastructures due to the exponential demand of digital ecosystems. Consistent with this plan, Gold Data’s proposal is to enhance this infrastructure because, today, the legacy networks in the country do not support the large volumes of data that will be seen over the next five years. Mostly because of this strategic reason Gold Data Plan was created three years ago and its target is to install new international infrastructure through a submarine system that would provide the capacity to connect large data centers and strategic points of the Republic to the world. Our strategic plan will span three years. 2022 being the first year of this implementation, and the goal is for construction and implementation process to finish in 2025. By 2025, the submarine system and networks will be in operation. We are going to have a process and a timeline for the delivery of infrastructure incorporated into Gold Data’s overall plan for Mexico. We have designed a new network and connection route that has yet to be used. The new layout connects central Mexico to the east coast of the US. Because the design of this new infrastructure will offer up to 35% better latency to the most important Gateway of telecommunications of Latam region, NAP of the Americas in Miami. This is a great achievement, and will offer the Mexican Republic the best connectivity in the region as it will be able to connect more directly to the content provider to the origination content at the US, either on the west or east coast. The speed, the connection, and obviously the capacity of this cable are so great that it will also enable more competitive pricing. This will also have a positive impact on the Mexican market. Total investment for the submarine project is USD150 million.

After Mexico, what other countries in Latin America do you intend to expand into?

Mexico was in a period of natural delay in 2022 as a result of the pandemic. However, while significant investment from Mexico will be reactivated, we began operations in Colombia, one of our seven markets of operation, and are also in the middle of a larger construction project to begin in the new year: new underground infrastructure for Colombia. After Mexico we will enter Brazil. Additionally, we are set to establish a new connection in Miami. This is ultimately good for regional development. We have to know how to be intelligent and take advantage of such opportunities. For example, why are we building a submarine system between the US and Mexico? Why can’t it be between Mexico and Colombia, Mexico and Chile, or Mexico and Brazil? The answer is mainly because the largest trade relationship in the world between two countries is the one between Mexico and the US. We are here to provided the required connectivity support to that great relationship. Better roads also require digital roads, the digital infrastructure that allows connects these two great countries.



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