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Rodrigo Galvis

COLOMBIA - Finance

Rodrigo Galvis

President, Avia Corredores Seguros


Rodrigo Galvis López is a professional insurance manager with over 28 years of experience. In Avia, he has held the positions of manager of compensations, manager of car insurance, and General Manager. He has been with the company for over 13 years.

TBY talks to Rodrigo Galvis, President of Avia Corredores Seguros, about the travel sector, finding a client base, and developing client relationships.

How does Avia intend to add value to the travel sector?

Regarding travel insurance, we help our customers with anything related to assistance. In Colombia and around the globe, travels were interrupted, and travelers were heavily affected. We coordinated with insurers to come up with new products, so that travelers are not affected by problems related to COVID-19. The idea was to talk with the insurers, who come up with the products we offer to end users, and select the right products. We negotiated products and have some that are almost ready to be put in the market, offering a new coverage for our clients. In the event they are negatively affected by COVID-19, they can rest assured that their wealth will be safe. The idea is to ensure that the needs of clients are truly protected.

Who forms the core of Avia’s client base?

We work with the public in general, be it corporate or individuals. As a result of our origins and our raison d’être, at the moment our most important coverage segment and what we seek to address is that market niche that travel agencies provide us with: travelers. This does not mean we are neglecting the corporate niche. Within our process and the companies of the group, there is a department focusing on transportation in aspects such as customs, cargo services, and so on. Avia is part of the Aviatur Group, and we also offer our services through these companies. When we enter the transportation sector, we have several clients who work in mobilizing products. We can also offer them our specialized services for this sector.

What attributes help Avia stand out as a partner of choice?

Experience is something that people recognize us, which is why they choose us. Second, we have a commitment to responsibility. Every client that comes to us is not only acquiring insurance but is also potentially part of a purchase chain within the organization. The idea is to provide the entire value chain to the client, so they do not need to find different operators for everything. We can comprehensively find the solutions for everything that the public might need.

What has been your strategy to capitalize on the growth in tourism?

We have made the most of the boom in internal tourism. The pandemic has led to greater awareness of insurance and served as a reminder that we are fragile before unexpected situations such as death or diseases. We want to raise awareness about the affordability of insurance. With a small investment, they can have peace of mind, knowing that if an unexpected situation arises, they do not need to spend their own money on medical assistance, home care, transfers, and so on. All these things have helped us significantly, and Colombians have been learning the hard way that being insured should be a compulsory part of their responsibilities.

What other products have you developed? How does innovation fit in the company?

Regarding health products for our clients, we have funeral services that make up part of the insurance market. We have tried to focus on individuals, as we want them to protect themselves, reminding them that even if they are in good health, they can still protect their assets and estate. We remind them to take care of their homes, their assets, or their companies. We have seen an increase in thefts in Colombia as well. These are things that you always think will happen to someone else, but in the end we can also be exposed to these risks.

How do you work with insurance providers and brokers, and how do you position yourselves to have good relationships?

With insurance companies, we determine which products can be marketed through Avia’s business lines. This is where we have the support and where we will carry out the final process of the service, which is the end compensation, be it by offering a service or making payouts to clients. With them, we develop specific products according to the market niche we work with or the one we want to target. Each product that Avia proposes to its clients, before ever hitting the market, must be fully structured, aimed at satisfying most of our clients’ needs. Even if it is not the case, we always try to satisfy 100% of them. The idea is to recognize the market needs and come up with a product that is, to the largest possible extent, designed as closely as possible for each individual. The idea is to offer the largest coverage with these products. 

What are the most important trends regarding product development and innovation?

We continue to work on technology and client support. Regarding technological trends, we worked on making the necessary adjustments to ensure products are user-friendly. Additionally, we are focusing on optimizing the path-to-purchase so that clients can find our products easily. We are prioritizing user-experience, so that families can continue to rely on us as their insurance broker of choice.



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