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Rodrigo Ruiz Mingramm

MEXICO - Health & Education

Rodrigo Ruiz Mingramm

General Manager, Stendhal Pharma


Rodrigo Ruiz Mingramm is the General Manager of Stendhal Pharma. He joined the company as BUD and later became its regional general manager. He has more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. He has developed and consolidated business opportunities with partners in the US, Europe, and Asia. Prior to working for Stendhal Pharma, Mingramm worked for a number of multinational companies in leadership positions. He was responsible for Johnson & Johnson Medical’s business units in Mexico and Latam. At Takeda, he was responsible for starting up the commercial department of the company.

With partnerships in almost every corner of the world, Stendhal Pharma has a steady supply of ground-breaking products for patients and innovative solutions for governments.

What are the main areas of opportunity that you have identified in the healthcare industry?
I see a lot of opportunities. The way the new government is approaching universal coverage is something that we need as a country. Past efforts to achieve universal coverage barely succeeded, so achieving it in the near future will bode well for the general population and the healthcare sector.

What role can Stendhal Pharma play when it comes to universal coverage in Mexico?
We are a Mexican pharmaceutical company but the beauty of our model is that we represent a lot of innovative companies from around the world. We do business with almost every continent, and we always bring innovative products for patients and innovative solutions for governments. The government’s plan to increase access to healthcare represents a potential business opportunity for us and the entire pharmaceutical sector.

Are your main laboratories located in Mexico?
We have a manufacturing plant in Mexico, but since we have business with different partners across the world, we have different business models. Some partners send us finished products. In other cases, we receive the product in bulk, make the final conditioning, and sell it to the final customer. At the end, our focus is on providing business solutions based on our partner’s needs and vision.

Is the company planning to invest in increasing its production capacity in the near future?
Yes, that is in our plans. Even though we are a Mexican pharmaceutical company, our revenue in 2018 was above USD200 million, putting us among the top-15 pharmaceutical companies in Mexico. That proves that our business model is a successful one. We are the partner of choice for a number of companies establishing their operations in Mexico and Latam. At present, we are developing at least five new partnerships. We forged these partnerships partly because of the trends in the healthcare sector, such as epidemiology. Our partnerships also depend on the strategy we are pursuing as a company; we are 100% focused on innovative products and do not manage generic products.

Can you give us a breakdown of the company’s portfolio?
We have products for a range of diseases, from HIV to central nervous system diseases and multiple sclerosis. We also manage chronic and cardiovascular diseases. Regarding epidemiology, our challenge is to produce better antibiotics. We are also exploring different business opportunities and making partnerships with big pharmaceutical companies that are investing heavily in R&D. Some of these companies don’t have the expertise to promote their products, which is why we are developing partnerships with them. That is a new business model that we are exploring. We expect to sign two important contracts before the end of 2019.

How is the market reacting to your new Fimasartán + Amlodipino product?
This is the most innovative product to treat hypertension. We partnered with a Korean company to introduce this in Mexico. Equally important, we have partnered with Medics, a Mexican company, to launch a new diabetes product, which is one of the most prevalent diseases in Mexico.

What strategies are you using to strengthen your presence in Latin America?
Our strategy for Mexico is different. The main challenge in Central American countries is IP rights. We listen to our customers in different countries to understand their needs and bring them different solutions at a good price.

What are your main goals and priorities for 2020?
Our main goal is to continue strengthening our portfolio in the different therapies that we manage, such as anti-infectives, cardiovascular disease, central nervous system disease, multiple sclerosis, and oncology. Our second priority is to partner with the Mexican government. The right approach to deal with challenges facing the healthcare system is one based on PPPs. We also want to continue developing and retaining all the talent that is working for us.



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