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Rosa Marí­a Gamarra Añazco

COLOMBIA - Economy

Rosa Marí­a Gamarra Añazco

General Manager, Zona Franca de Occidente (ZFO)


Rosa María Gamarra Añazco is General Manager in ZFO. She is a lawyer with a double degree from Colombia and Paraguay and with a master’s in international trade law and is a specialist in commercial law and civil procedure law. She has extensive experience in international relationships, free trade zones, real estate development projects, and strategic businesses design and development.

TBY talks to Rosa María Gamarra Añazco, General Manager of Zona Franca de Occidente (ZFO).

What type of clients can benefit the most from the free trade zone?

Any legal entity that makes part of the sectors for industrial services, technology and innovation, importers, exporters, and any company that carries out industrial activities. In ZFO, we offer the following advantages as an added value for our clients: Industry and Commerce Tax exemption for eight to 10 years, tailor-made construction warehouses, and offices without VAT for our clients. We are the only free trade zone in Cundinamarca with a green seal and are in one of the three main eco-industrial parks in Colombia. We have advantages such as rainwater supply from the buffer lagoon, collection and sale of recyclable material, tax benefits, information security, a logistically attractive park due to its infrastructure and design, a strategic location with hectares of available space for new projects, roads between 10 and 17m wide for heavy traffic, exclusive park space for the cargo entry of 8,500sqm, hydraulic and sanitary networks, unlimited storage space with no taxation, favorable options to nationalize subheadings, and international logistics distribution. In addition, exports through the airport do not require customs approval.

What is the social and developmental impact of ZFO?

ZFO plays a fundamental role in the FTZ in Colombia, as it contributes to the country’s economy by creating jobs and investment. At the same time, it has allowed many interested entrepreneurs to create strategic alliances and expand their markets by increasing competitiveness and the economic growth of the country. From 2008 to this date, the Western Savanna has had positive growth in terms of the customs operations, which have been a source of success and recognition in different markets. We have increased exports in countries in Central America, North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. We had a considerable increase in the import of raw materials, goods, finished products, and essential elements for the mitigation of the pandemic. We have innovated in technology 4.0, guaranteeing agility in industrial processes and information security.



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